The ultimate in creepy-cute.

Halloween may be long over now, but that doesn’t mean people have to stop carving jack-o-lanterns. We’ve seen a lot of amazingly-carved pumpkins before, but none of them are quite as scary, and yet oddly cute, as this one.

Japanese Twitter user @ponkichikachan recently tweeted this photo of some rabbits being fed at a zoo, and the internet isn’t quite sure how it feels about it:

▼ “No… bunnies… stop… no….

Aww, look at all the little bunnies! They’re so cute when they’re… uh… munching away on a pumpkin carved to look like its experiencing intense pain. Uh, how adorable?

In a later tweet @ponkichikachan explained that a staff member carved the pumpkin to look like that right before it was unleashed into the rabbits’ feeding area. The rabbits themselves, however, did not seem deterred by the bear face on the pumpkin and dove right into eating it.

▼ “Bunnies… friends… can’t we… talk about this?”

We’re not exactly sure why the staff member would carve a frowning bear face into a pumpkin shortly before it was devoured by a sea of bunnies. But then again, we’re not exactly sure if we’re supposed to think it’s cute or creepy either.

We’ll leave it to the Japanese netizens to decide for us:

“S-stop it!”
“Why would the staff do that? That’s traumatizing.”
“Well, if you gotta go, death by bunny is a good way to do it.”
“I’ve never wanted to be a pumpkin more in my life than now.”

We do have to admit, as bizarre as it may sound, we have had some experience being eaten by bunnies, and it was actually kind of fun.

So maybe this really is cute after all? It’s certainly leaning closer to the cute end of the creepy-cute spectrum than photos of stuffed animals hung out to dry. That one still gives us the shivers….

Source: Twitter/@ponkichikachan via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@pinkichikachan