Bunny Top

Whether you use them as a pouch or a makeup case, now you can carry a sweet little rabbit around with you wherever you go!

The YOU+MORE! brand from Japanese online retailer Felissimo is going bunny-crazy this season, with a number of adorable rabbit pouches designed to carry your goods while also bringing a smile to your face with their utterly gorgeous-looking exteriors. Their latest range features four cute rabbits, each made with a furry, fluffy material that makes them look and feel incredibly real.


The only giveaway that these little creatures aren’t what they seem is the zippered opening that runs along the length of their spines.


▼ The zip is there because these rabbits are ready to carry your small items for you inside their soft-lined insides.


▼ Regardless of what you choose to put in them, they’ll definitely turn heads when they poke up out of your bag like this!


The four designs available are (clockwise, from top left): Chinchilla, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop Ear, and a miniature bunny.


Every pouch contains tiny details that help create adorably realistic-looking eyes, ears, and mouths. It’s like having a baby bunny with you wherever you go!


The design and the fabric used give each pouch a springy texture, similar to a sweet daifuku glutinous rice cake.


The company also suggests filling the bunny with a kairo self-heating hot pack in winter, to give it the same warmth as a real, live rabbit, making it feel extra snuggly when stroked or cuddled.


The rabbits will be released one at a time, once a month for the next four months. Available online for 2,138 yen (US$20.72) each, they’re ready and waiting to be delivered to their new forever homes!


Source, Images: Felissimo