Designers claim heart-meltingly cute zippered pouches are as soft as marshmallows.

Pouches are supposed to be a zero-net gain relationship for their owners. You can’t take anything out of a pouch that you didn’t first put in it, so really there’s no way to come out ahead in your dealings with them.

Or is there?

Cat lifestyle brand extraordinaire Felissimo, in cooperation with its You+More! subdivision, has just begun taking orders for its new Dreamily Soft and Squeezable Kitten Pouch line. While the company claims they’re sold empty, that must be an oversight in whoever’s writing their official product descriptions, because it’s plain to see that they come pre-filled with warm fuzzy feelings, which are transferred directly to your heart when you pet, hug, or even just look at them.

The soft kitty containers are a follow-up to Felissimo’s adorable rabbit pouches, which the company also boasted about the softness of. But while Felissimo said its bunnies were as soft as a Japanese daikufu sweet bean cake, the paradigm for the kittens is a marshmallow.

▼ Video proof of their cuddliness

Let’s get the one piece of bad news out of the way first, which is that these compact zippered bags aren’t made to hold each and every thing you’ll need to take with you when stepping out of the house. However, some basic brushes and cosmetics should fit pretty easily in their plush tummies.

Four designs are available: a calico…

…a black-and-white bicolor…

…and two differently colored tabbies.

As with many of Felissimo’s products, the kitten pouches are sold on a subscription-like system. Each month, buyers will receive a different design, with each costing 2,209 yen (US$20), a portion of which will go to an animal welfare organization (orders can be placed here). Staying in for four months means you’ll be assured of getting a complete set, and even if you opt out after just one month, it’s hard to imagine being disappointed with any of these little kitties showing up on your doorstep.

Source: PR Times
Images: Felissimo
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