A particular tunnel in Guizhou, China has been drawing attention for its unique ability to literally turn back the clock. According to reports, when one drives through the 400 meter tunnel there is a substantial chance that their clocks will go back exactly one hour.

One reporter with the Gui Yang Evening News decided to go through the tunnel himself and wrote that in eight of the ten times he did it, his clock went back an hour. When you enter the tunnel, your mobile phone’s clock would read something like 4:35 pm but upon exiting the tunnel it will have changed to 3:35 pm.

The effects seem only temporary, however, as when you drive further away the clock eventually returns to the normal stream of time.

While the idea of wormholes, aliens, or ghosts causing the temporal displacement sounds fun, the reality is much less interesting. If you’d like to believe this is something paranormal then please stop readiiiiinnnnnnng… now!

Your mobile phone sets its clock automatically from the regular signal it receives from the nearest transmitter. Embedded in those wavelengths is the code for the local time, which is why your phone seems to know when you’ve entered another country automatically.

In this case, someone driving into the tunnel will be connected to a transmitter on that end giving the data of 4:35 pm. When the tunnel is entered (assuming it’s not hooked up with a signal) the connection drops out. Finally, when they exit the tunnel, the mobile phone connects with the nearest transmitter and updates its clock with that data.

It would seem that someone botched up the time setting on that particular tower or mounted antenna causing it to send out the incorrect time. That’s why when you continue driving out of its range the clock returns to normal.

It’s all a moot point anyway considering time is just an arbitrary and artificial construct designed by man based on the movements of the Earth. With that, in reality 4:35 pm and 3:35 pm should be considered equally valid as the “correct” time.  At least, that’s what I tried telling the editor when I was late with this story.

Source: UFO Sightings Hotspot (English)
Video: YouTube – NTDTV