Since being released in April 2013 in Japan, the American-produced Bubi brand of foldable water bottles had become a hit with the public. Despite it not being the first collapsible bottle on the market, as well as it being considerably more expensive, and while it isn’t even the dog days of summer in Japan, online shoppers here have been scooping up Bubis faster than they can be made.

Here is a statement from R.O.N., the company that distributes Bubi’s in Japan through their online shopping site, R.more store (where you can also find the filter than turns cola clear):

“Even though we’re in the season before summer, we’re already constantly running out of stock. At the moment we are out and have 500 units on preorder, and we still receive inquires. These bottles are just selling out faster than the manufacturer in the USA can produce them. In addition to its portability and design, it’s also popular for its multiple uses.”

One of those “multiple uses” the company is referring to comes from the silicon material used to make the bottle, which allows it to go from 23 cm long down to just 7 cm when folded up. In addition, this material is able to withstand repeated freezing and thawing with no breakdown. This means it could be used as a hot pack or – more importantly with summer on the way – as a cold pack. But with summer in Japan still a month away, the rush for Bubis seems a little premature.

The bottles also have a removable spout which creates a larger opening. Combined with the stretchiness of the silicone, you can put larger or irregularly shaped items inside. This means that not only can a Bubi keep water in, but it can keep it out as well.

As Japan sits on the brink of another soggy rainy season, these bottles could be the prefect thing to keep mobile phones safe from the continuous downpours of June.  We can’t say for sure that’s why people are clamoring for Bubis, but having a waterproof case for the rainy season which can then be reused as an ice pack/drink dispenser in the crappy summer months is an appealing product for people around these parts.

Source: Bubi (English), R.more store (Japanese) via Trendy Nikkei (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – Craig Madaus

The inventor of Bubi Craig Madaus