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Even in the era of having the sum of human knowledge to date in your pocket, there’s something to be said about using a sweet novelty clock. If you’re in Japan, you have lots of options. There’s Zelda clocks, beautiful-women clocks, clocks that come for free in magazines. But that’s just scraping the surface, because apparently there’s such a thing as bread clocks too.

One Twitter user recently posted that he’d been having problems with his bread clock constantly telling the wrong time – until he found out the reason why. And no, it’s not because the clock is a piece of bread – the real reason is far more adorable than that.

Twitter user @mccoy0914, the proud owner of a clock shaped to look like a slice of ever-so-slightly burned toast, recently posted this tweet:

▼ “The time on my bread clock would get messed up sometimes, and now I know why.”

It seems as though he’s not the only one who’s a fan of bread-shaped timekeeping devices. His cat is going far out of its way to give the thing a piece of its mind. Maybe it thinks the clock is a giant bread-shaped mouse? Or a bread-shaped laser-pointer perhaps?

In case you’re curious, here’s a closer view of the bread clock in all its glory.

▼ “Honey, I just don’t think it’s going to match our kitchen. I mean, we eat bagels for breakfast, not toast.”

bread clockAmazon Japan

Of course Japanese netizens had lots to say about this cute cat’s obsession with the bizarre clock:

• I was like, what’s a “bread clock?” And now I know: it’s a bread clock.
• Your cat’s been stealing your time!
• I guess it cat be helped.
• “Hey! Can you help meow-t here?”
• Cat: “Time is only an illusion. You must break free. I will help you.”
• I want that clock! Does it come with the cat?
• Didn’t you read the manual? You’re not supposed to put that thing where children or pets can reach it.
• Wow, that cat can stretch!
• Why does this clock even exist? The world is a big place after all….
• I want a melon-bread one!

What do you think? Are bread clocks the new catnip? Or are they just a-paw-ling?

Source: Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Twitter