On the morning of 5 June, along a highway in Makubetsu, Hokkaido, a car swerved off the road and crashed through a tree before stopping on the sidewalk. The 87-year-old driver of the car was taken to hospital but sadly died soon after.

However, the actual accident wasn’t what killed him and the official cause of death had nothing to do with his age at all. In fact, the reason he died was something you may have done yourself while driving.

According to the police, a piece of futomaki was found lodged in his throat which had choked him to deathFutomaki (lit. “fat roll”) is a sushi roll double-stuffed with ingredients such as egg, shrimp, tuna, and/or cucumber.

Police are still investigating into whether it was choking on the sushi that caused the accident or whether the accident caused him to choke on the sushi. While futomaki is really delicious, we hope you all wait until you get to your destination before digging in, for your own sake and for everyone around you.

Source: FNN via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Futomaki Image: Amazon