MED 400

Remember making all those mixed-tapes after the Walkman burst onto the scene at the beginning of the 80s (for those of you who grew up with all things digital, ask your dad)? Do you have any of them left? Perhaps there are a few stuffed away at the bottom of the sock drawer? If you still have all or part of that collection, Sanwa Direct can help. Their new 400-MEDI002 cassette to MP3 converter makes changing those old analog compilations to digital format cheap and easy.

Pop in the tape, connect the device to your PC’s USB port, hit play, and you’re done. The 400-MED allows you to convert your old analog cassettes to MP3, WMA and WAV digital formats at bit rates from 32 to 320kbps. Going for a mere 3,480 yen (about US$35), tax included, the 400-Med is defiantly worth considering with father’s day just around the corner (hint).

bit rate

The converter also comes with an audio out jack. Just plug in some headphones and you can retro, using the device as a Walkman. Try it on your commute to work, it’s sure to get a few looks and snickers from your fellow passengers.
Once you’ve converted all that “old” stuff to digital be careful, listening to the stuff of your youth can be dangerous. You might once again find “stars in your eyes;” believing that with just a little more practice you really can become a juke box hero and leave the cubicle for the stadium stage. Word of warning: don’t embarrass the family; really, it’s never going to happen.

Now, if we could only find a similar converter for eight-tracks.

Source: CNET Japan
Images: Sanwa Direct