Kung Fu Motion Visualization video blurs the line between reality and digital art 【Video】

Artist digitally manipulates videos of kung fu masters practicing their craft to create sequences of mesmerizing motion.

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Why is it so tough to buy Japanese digital media downloads?

Answerman is here to help!

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Russian dolls: Artist creates beautiful anime-inspired portraits

As Japanese and Chinese netizens’ fervour for Prosecutor General of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya shows no signs of abating and has inspired anime fan art that has overtaken her online presence, we bring you a selection of other beautiful digital artworks from the creator of one of the stunning anime-inspired depictions of Ms. Poklonskaya that’s been gaining so much attention.

The illustrations are the work of a mystery Russian artist, whose name is rendered in Japanese as Iira. A long-term anime fan, Iira creates new digital images every day. While Iira has yet to reach the dizzying levels of internet fandom that Natalia Poklonskaya has attained, these pics are certainly worthy of your online attention!

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Still have any mix tapes lying about? Go digital with this cheap converter from Sanwa Direct

Remember making all those mixed-tapes after the Walkman burst onto the scene at the beginning of the 80s (for those of you who grew up with all things digital, ask your dad)? Do you have any of them left? Perhaps there are a few stuffed away at the bottom of the sock drawer? If you still have all or part of that collection, Sanwa Direct can help. Their new 400-MEDI002 cassette to MP3 converter makes changing those old analog compilations to digital format cheap and easy.

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