Two youths were arrested by Aichi Prefecture police on June 11 after they placed a plastic bag full of dog feces and lit fireworks inside a police box, showering the small room with the bag’s contents.

The young men, aged 17 and 16, respectively, were arrested on the grounds of obstructing police business and unauthorized entry.

According to the police statement released to the public, the youths committed the crime on May 6 at just after 8 p.m. in the town of Kanagi.

It is believed that the young men placed a plastic bag containing dog feces on a table inside the koban police box, then inserted four fireworks. They then lit the fireworks, which when they exploded sent the excrement flying. As a result, seven police officers were forced to put their duties on hold while they cleaned up the mess.

When interrogated as to why they would do such a thing, the young men replied, “It looked like it could be quite a bit of fun.”

According to the same Aichi City Police Department, the youths knew each other from junior high school. Footage of the pair committing the crime was captured on the surveillance camera that was operating inside the police box. Fortunately, no police officers were inside at the time as they were out on patrol in the local area.

Source: Itai News