Personal definition of “young” includes a woman more than twice his age.

On December 12, police officers in Kawasaki, the city bordering Tokyo on its south side, arrested a man on charges of groping three women. The first incident took place at approximately 6:55 in the evening on October 18 when the man fondled the chest of a woman on the street in Kawasaki’s Saiwai Ward. Less than 30 minutes later, he grabbed and embraced another victim from behind, also in Saiwai Ward, and shortly after 9 p.m. on November 1 he grabbed yet another Saiwai Ward victim.

The man has admitted to the charges, and offered a common explanation for such crimes in Japan:

“I am interested in young female’s breasts, so I wanted to touch them.”

Typical old pervert who can’t control his jail-bait fetishes, right? Well, not exactly. First off, the groper isn’t that old; he’s only 18, a Chinese-nationality resident who’s attending vocational school. Now, since it’s pretty normal for 18-year-old guys to be mesmerized by the breasts of similarly aged girls, one would think that by specifying he likes “young females’” breasts, he must have been targeting even younger teens, but that’s not the case either, as the three victims were:
● A 24-year-old woman
● A 29-year-old woman
● A 41-year-old woman

All three have full-time office jobs, and were presumably on their way home from work at the time the incidents took place. Oh, and this is actually the man’s second time to be arrested, as he was also arrested on charges of groping a 23-year-old woman on November 22.

While ordinarily it’s nice to see such open-minded ideas about what constitutes youth and youthful beauty, this obviously isn’t the right way to express it. With four admitted groping instances on record, odds are the man is looking at some time in prison, where even by his broad definition he’s unlikely to find any interestingly young female breasts.

Source: Kanagawa Shimbun via Yahoo! Japan News via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso
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