“We just wanted to see them stop!” Four train otaku arrested for throwing smoke bombs at trains

These otaku were a little too interested in trains. 

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Member of yakuza arrested for having honest job, dishonest application

60-year-old man’s application paperwork lands him in trouble.

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Drunk man wants free ride home from police by claiming that he stole gun, gets arrested instead

Did he really think they’d pat him on the back and quietly drive him home?

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“But she looked 13!” is no excuse in the eyes of the Japanese law, 40-something man learns

Nagoya man arrested after crossing prefectural lines to perform illicit act with elementary school student.

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Toyama man first person in Japan to be arrested for selling jailbroken iPhones

Authorities charging the suspect with “violation of trademark law.”

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Russian Blogger Jailed for Playing Pokémon Go in Church Released

21-year-old still charged with “enticing religious hatred,” trial still pending

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Woman arrested for scalping tickets to Japanese boy band Arashi’s concerts

Sparks online questions about why she was singled out.

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Japanese police make arrest for fake story posted on Twitter following Kumamoto earthquake

A 20-year-old man from Kanagawa Prefecture has been arrested for posting a picture of a lion on Twitter and claiming it was on the loose in Kumamoto.

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Annoyed woman in mini-skirt takes nap on police car as cops arrest husband【Video】

For most women, when it comes to things to do in a one-piece mini-skirt, lying on the hood of a police car probably isn’t very high on their list…

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Chinese street vendor plants a kiss on police officer’s lips during arrest【Video】

“Make love, not war,” right?

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Chinese company mimics levitation trick, unamused authorities immediately shut it down【Video】

Whether it’s deserved or not, China has something of a reputation for producing convincing copies. Another thing the country is known for, however, is having authorities that do not suffer fools gladly… 

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Not-so-pretty bird in India arrested on charges of verbal assault

A parrot answering to the name Hariyal was taken into police custody last week after a woman reported it for verbal abuse. The victim, one Janabai Sakharkar, claimed that every time the bird laid eyes on her it would begin to hurl obscenities.

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Executives arrested from scam dating sites that had 2.7 million users and only one female member

Dating is never easy, is it? Going out and meeting strangers and talking to them can be painful, awkward, and downright terrifying. Fortunately, Internet dating sites have helped us cut through the trial-and-error process to find people we have deep, personal connections with — or, at least, who swiped right.

Unfortunately, online dating is also ripe for abuse, exploitation, and scams. If ever you needed a cautionary tale for being careful about who you give your money to, this group of dating site executives who ran multiple scam sites should suffice. Of the 2.7 millions users on the site, only one was a woman. The rest of the “women” the male members were chatting with online were all paid fakes!

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Youth in toothpick prank videos sent to juvenile correctional facility

A 19-year-old youth who uploaded a series of prank videos on YouTube in January, including one in which he inserted a toothpick into a snack food in a supermarket, was sent to a moderate security juvenile correctional facility.

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Nonsensical conbini crime: Incapable clerk vs. drunk guy’s money

When you get change after paying for something in cash, do you ever actually count it to make sure you received the right amount? I sure don’t. Maybe I’m just too used to Japan, where the person working the register will count out each bill and the coins in front of you before handing the change over. It’s just a simple measure taken to double-check that the person at the register isn’t short-changing the customer.

Thorough as it may be, it’s not a flawless method, leaving room for human error, like not being able to tell the difference between a 1,000 yen bill and 10,000 yen bill. But really, who would make that mistake?

Apparently a teenager working the register at a convenience store in Nara recently managed to make that very mistake, but instead of short-changing the customer, he ended up giving 46,000 yen (US$390) in change for a 13,000 yen (US$110) purchase. Fishy! Oh and then, the customer got arrested. Fishier!

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Don’t point that camera at me! Man arrested for taking “normal” picture on train

Japanese people love to take pictures. Whenever you see them on vacation, no matter if it’s their first time or their thousandth time, they are always taking them. In fact, Japan was one of the first countries to sell mobile phones equipped with a camera back in 2000. Having a camera on you at all times sure does come in handy, as you’ll always be able to capture that special moment wherever you are.

Unfortunately, sometimes that special moment is a peep-shot or a scandalous photo which is certainly a violation of privacy. Japan has taken a very no-nonsense approach to help stop these highly inappropriate photos, and it comes in the form of the Anti-Nuisance Ordinance. So powerful is this law that the latest person to be arrested has caused a bit of commotion. His crime? Taking a picture of a fully-clothed woman sitting beside him on the train.

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Taipei subway on high alert after police mistake an autistic man for a murderer【TomoNews Video】

An autistic man playing on a calculator was mistaken as a murderer by incompetent Taipei city straphangers who called police.

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Man gives up on life and travels 1,000 miles on stolen bikes, incredible journey ends with his arrest

Sometimes when life gets you down, you just want to get away. Run, bike, drive; whatever it takes to get out of the current situation and into a happier state. That’s exactly how one middle-aged man from Chiba Prefecture was feeling when he decided to leave his failing business and begin a nomadic life traveling across Japan. However, his sudden and deliberate flee spanning over an astonishing 1,600 km (nearly 1,000 miles) ended in his arrest five months after it began because of the man’s poor choice in transportation – stolen bikes.

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Girls bar owner arrested for employing middle school students

Being a middle school student must be hard. You’re not quite an adult but you’re definitely not a child either. And as you’re discovering the world around you, you’re also realizing just how much money matters. But depending on where you live, you might find yourself extremely limited in the jobs you can find.

Luckily, there’s always a shady guy running a girls bar to give you a job! What a relief for parents of middle school girls everywhere, right?

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