The Original Pancake House imports the Dutch Baby to Japan, Our reporter goes nutsThe Original Pancake House, a longtime favorite of Americans, has made its way over to Japan. Located in Kichijoji, Tokyo, the restaurant has been met with long lines of hungry customers waiting for their chance to order the famous Dutch Baby pancake. Our Japanese reporter was recently amongst these eager breakfast-seekers waiting for his turn to try the talked about American dish. Like many of the people around him, our reporter went nuts after the first bite.

To preserve the integrity of our reporter’s reaction, please enjoy this direct translation of his adventure eating a Dutch Baby for the first time:

I wanna try it!
Dutch! Baby! Dutch Baby! DUTCH BABY! DUUUUUTCH! BABYYYYY! Pleeeease! That’s what everyone around me was ordering. And I wanted to try one too. What kind of Dutch? What kind of baby? I couldn’t wait to actually try it. And I did!

A completely different shape
The pancake we’re familiar with is round, flat, fluffy, and light brown. But the Dutch Baby is a completely different shape. Part of the crust is curled like a bowl, it’s so strange, unlike any food I’ve ever seen.

It’s like a mix between a half-cooked omelet and a pancake
When I sliced into the Dutch Baby with my knife, even the texture told me this was something strange. It’s fluffy, but also sticky and even a little jiggly. It’s like a mix between a half-cooked omelet and a pancake.

I eagerly put the Dutch Baby into my mouth (Editor’s note: That’s what she said)
I put some powdered sugar and butter onto the Dutch Baby and added a good amount of syrup. While thinking “Hey there, don’t go getting fat now” and wondering if the taste could possibly be better than the appearance, I eagerly put the Dutch Baby into my mouth. When I did…Ahhhh! It’s sooooo delicioussssss!!! And yet it isn’t too rich!

A delicious pancake even Japanese people will love
The Dutch Baby is very sweet but the batter has a very refined taste. The batter acts as a cushioning of sweetness, ending with a mild deliciousness that is transported to your mouth. In a country filled with flat-tasting pancakes, I have a feeling that the Dutch Baby is a delicious pancake even Japanese people will love.

Restaurant Info:
Name: Original Pancake House, Kichijoji
Address: 1-7-1 Marui Kichijoji-ten 1F, Kichijoji minami-cho, Fusashino-shi, Tokyo
Hours: 9:00 – 21:00 (Last order: 20:15)


Well folks, is the Dutch Baby all that our reporter claims it is? Or is this just like the time he freaked out over Domino’s pizza?

Original article by Kuzo
Image: RocketNews24
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