With so many sushi shops around Japan you’re bound to come across some irregular ones every now and then. Our very own Kuzo caught wind of one shop in particular that serves up sushi rolls with names that challenge you to guess what’s inside.

Maruhachi Sushi is located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture and you can find creations such as Sexual Harassment Sushi, Ice Cream Sushi, and Frigid Lady Sushi alongside your favorite sushi toppings. Kuzo headed to Nagoya to find out what these menu items were all about.

Friendly chef

After arriving at Nagoya Station, Kuzo was happy to find that Maruhachi Sushi was an easy ten minute walk from there. In fact it was even easier because he could just use the underground shopping center and pop out a mere minute walk from the place.

The sign was small and dark but had an enigmatic aura about it that shook our intrepid foodie for a moment. Still he girded his fundoshi and headed up the stairs, only to be greeted by a surprisingly cheery chef at the counter.

Unfriendly menu

Although the guy cutting up the fish was a regular sweetheart, Kuzo felt a jolt as he glanced through the menu. Hiding amongst all the regular menu items like a pervert peeking out behind a tree, were items such as Sexual Harassment Sushi and Soapland Sushi.

Kuzo wasn’t quite ready for those yet, so he opened his order with some tuna, mackerel, and blowfish nigiri sushi. The cuts were amazingly thick and had a freshness to them that put a big smile on his face. Now it was time for the advanced course.

Sexual Harassment Sushi

Sexual Harassment Sushi is made with a single octopus tentacle and blood cockle wrapped in seaweed. The chef presented it and said “so you can see why we called it that.” Kuzo didn’t really get it though, but tried the peculiar sushi anyways. Adding just a little soy sauce mixed with wasabi, he liked the unique combination of textures in the octopus and shellfish. The seaweed also had a pure taste that was exquisite.

Soapland Sushi

The Soapland Sushi was a handmade sushi roll with three different types of shellfish inside. The chef said that “each shellfish represents the weakness of old age, activeness of life, and growth of a bud.” Kuzo had no idea what the nice man was talking about or which mollusk was meant to mean what. That aside he couldn’t fathom what that had to do with soapland, the name for bathhouses which operate as quasi-brothels in which the women “clean” customers by rubbing their bodies all over them.

Anyway, the use of different kinds of shellfish each with their own textures provided Kuzo with another delicious experience that focused more on the feeling than the actual flavor.

Ice Cream Sushi

“You should eat it quick before it melts and gets too sweet” advised the chef. Kuzo obeyed and devoured it fast. The chef was right. With the ice cream frozen, it kept to its own space and provided just the right amount of sweetness.  Had it melted the cream would have soaked into the rice making everything too sickly sweet for sushi. Kuzo was shocked that white rice and vanilla ice cream could complement each other so well.

Livedoor Horiemon Sushi

Sadly, Kuzo learnt that the Livedoor Horiemon Sushi was only a limited time sushi that had ended quite some time ago. The sushi named after the founder of the livedoor website and unconventional businessman, Takafumi Horie (nicknamed Horiemon because he kind of looks like Doraemon) was inspired by the mogul’s run-in with the law a few years ago.

Nevertheless, Kuzo had had his fill of exotic sushi creations and decided to settle up. Japan is a large country and there would certainly be further strange sushi encounters to be had. Still, Maruhachi Sushi and its vanilla ice cream and existential prostitution-themed sushi would hold a warm place in his memories.

Shop Information
Maruhachi Sushi
4-21-5 Meieki, Nakamura, Nagoya, Aichi
Open 24 hours, 7 Days a Week

Original Story by Kuzo

They use nice thick cuts of tuna here.

The mackerel was irresistible.

The blowfish had a firm texture and taste that seemed to linger forever.

Sexual Harassment Sushi

Soapland Sushi

Ice Cream Sushi

Grilled clams are also a specialty of this place. Sweet and great for drinking!

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