Despite most Asian countries being notably fond of Japan, according to the results of a recent public opinion poll carried out by an American research organization, China and Korea have a distinctly poor image of the land of the rising sun, and it appears to be getting worse over time.

Pew Research Center carried out the public opinion poll between March and April of this year, asking members from each Asian country for their views on Japan. The results showed that 74 percent of Chinese and 38 percent of Koreans had a very low opinion of the country, marking a clear increase in negativity since a similar poll was taken in 2008. Compared to the previous poll, the number of Chinese and Koreans voicing their dislike of Japan was up by 40 and 25 points, respectively.

On the other hand, the answers given by representatives from Asian countries were in direct contrast to the above. A whopping 80 percent of Malaysians were seen as having “a very positive image” of Japan. Similarly, Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines and Pakistan also replied that their view of the country was favorable.

When asked about Japan’s prime minister, Shizo Abe, a combined 85 percent of Chinese and Koreans replied that they disliked him. However, other Asian countries gave overwhelmingly praising comments.

As to why such a difference in feelings towards Japan might exist, many Chinese and Koreans point to their historical and political differences, with many suggesting that Japan has yet to sufficiently apologize for its army’s behavior during past conflicts. Indeed, in regard to its past wartime behavior, when asked “Has Japan apologized enough?” 98 percent of Koreans and 78 percent of Chinese replied with a resounding “No”.

Source: ZakZak