Is Japanese food truly better than sex, which was ranked as less pleasurable than four other things?

One could wind up with the misconception that every day at Japanese company Tenga is a just-for-fun whirlwind of dancing, playing with anime robot figures, and popping party crackers. Oh, and of course making masturbatory aids, which is the organization’s primary line of business.

But while Tenga’s customers are busy putting their hands to use, the company is keeping its finger on the pulse of societal trends related to sexual wellness and fulfillment. In a recent survey, Tenga asked people from nine countries (Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Germany, France, China, Korea, and Taiwan; roughly 2,000 people from the U.K. and 1,000 from each other nation) about their sexual satisfaction, and Japan was definitely the odd one out in the results.

When asked how they felt about the sex they have with their partners, only 41 percent of respondents from Japan said they were “very or somewhat satisfied,” far lower than any other nation.

● Very satisfied or somewhat satisfied
China: 79 percent
Spain: 78 percent
France 73 percent
U.S.: 72 percent
U.K.: 71 percent
Germany: 65 percent
Taiwan: 63 percent
Korea: 53 percent
Japan: 41 percent

Meanwhile, Japan almost topped the other end of the rankings.

● Not very satisfied or not satisfied at all
Korea: 31 percent
Japan: 30 percent
Taiwan: 20 percent
France 17 percent
China: 16 percent
Germany: 16 percent
Spain: 15 percent
U.S.: 14 percent
U.K.: 13 percent

In addition, Japan was the country most likely to say it felt neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with its sex life with partners, selected by 30 percent of Japanese participants, with Germany’s 19 percent a distant second.

Survey participants were also given a list of 14 different activities and asked to rate which gave them the most pleasure. Seven countries put “having sex” at number one. Germany had it at number two, and Taiwan at number three. But Japan? Number five.

OK, so it’s pretty clear what’s going on here, right? Japan, as the country with the famous masturbatory aid manufacturer, and infamous levels of pornography of both the live-action and anime variety, has become more interested in doing the laundry by hand than with another living, breathing person, right? Nope, at least not according to Tenga’s data, because Japan ranked “masturbating” at number seven, lower than the U.S. (which placed it at number three), the U.K., Spain, China, and Korea (number four), and Taiwan (number five).

So what did the Japanese participants say gave them more pleasure than sex? Let’s look at their top four.

4. Laughing
3. Hugging or holding the person I love
2. Spending time with the person I love
1. Eating delicious food

Yep, apparently Japan’s world-renowned culinary standards are so high that, at least for the survey participants, there’s no greater euphoria than the rush of some really tasty chow. No other country rated food higher than fourth (Taiwan), and the mouth was also the ecstasy entrance for Japanese respondents who ranked “drinking something when I’m thirsty” at number six (Spain, Germany, and Korea placed it ninth, and all other countries lower).

Hmm…in light of these results maybe Tenga should consider making its powdered rice topping a permanent part of its product lineup.

Source: Kai-You via Livedoor News via Otakomu
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