Sometimes the heat here in Japan really does get too much, but this mystery guy’s cool-down method seems to have backfired. Angry Japanese Netizens are up in arms at the possibility that the selfish iceman may have sullied precious ice-cream with his stinky sweat.

・He’s gonna regret this

These pictures of a guy lying in an in-store freezer at an unidentified Lawson convenience store have gone viral in Japan. The pic has already made the rounds of Twitter, Facebook and various message boards where, rather than being congratulated on a novel way of keeping cool, his act has been largely criticized.

Lawson convenience stores can be found pretty much all over Japan and are popular for their ever-changing range of original products, but people didn’t seem to take too kindly to this one-of-a-kind iced offering.

People are even calling for a boycott of Lawson’s ice-cream, and hysterically declaring they will never buy ice cream from a Lawson store ever, ever again.

To add insult to injury, the T-shirt and shorts-wearing young man appears to be laughing in the photograph, unaware of the red-hot anger his chilly prank will evoke.

・Ew, gross!

We can’t tell from the pictures if he’s wearing shoes or not, but what we do know is that his head, back, butt, nether regions, legs, hair, and so on are most definitely in there, which means that his skin and sweat are in there too. Unhygienic or what?! Totally icky for the customers who will have unknowingly purchased these seemingly pristine ice creams later on.

・Who is this guy?

The rumor currently circulating is that our mystery freezer guy is the store owner’s son, although that’s still unconfirmed. Surely it would be pretty difficult for someone to pull back the glass and climb inside without being stopped by someone in the store? Internet sleuths have thus concluded that he must be some relation to the owner. And if he is a friend or family member, the store owner should have known better – convenience stores handle a lot of food products, and proper hygiene is paramount.

▼ “How much this is [sic] a human?”



Update: Lawson has issued a statement to the public, apologising for this young man’s prank and, in an effort to “win back customers’ trust” has moved to shut down the store, terminating the contracts of the staff employed there. That’s one street corner that’s going to go without ice-cream for a while. Although… perhaps that’s for the best?

Source: 2Chan