measuring robots

Remember those science videos they used to show at school which began with the smallest known organism and zoomed out and out until the entire solar system filled the screen? Well imagine that but with almost every robot and mecha you could ever imagine thrown in for good measure.

Uploaded to Niconico Video by user Monako, the video “I Compared the Size of 174 Robots: Microman to Gurren Lagann” is making an appropriately huge splash online today as netizens play Name that Robot while marvelling at just how enormous some of these sci-fi creations are actually supposed to be. From Doraemon and Mega Man to Optimus Prime and Macross Quarter, this is one heck of a nerdy science lesson!

We always knew that Japan loved robots, but this is just insane.

▼ Representing the Western word, it’s R2-D2!

robots 1

▼ We never knew that video game hero Rock Man (Mega Man outside Japan) is barely taller than Honda’s space helmet-wearing ASIMO!

robots 2

A few robots in, the video’s creator helps us out by placing everyone’s favourite digital songstress and part-time pizza girl Hatsune Miku alongside the robots as a size comparison. Herself measuring a respectable 1.58 metres, it turns out that some of Japan’s robotic heavyweights are simply enormous.

robots 3

When comparing things to Miku becomes pointless, Monako gives us a couple of more easily comparable examples. Here’s Japan’s tallest structure and the world’s tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree, which stands a stomach-churning 634 metres tall.

robots 4

Here’s the video in full. How many can you name from sight alone, Rocketeers? No cheating now!

Source: Kotaro (Japanese)
Video/images via Niconico Douga Monako