ASIMO retires from performing after 22 years

ASIMO is still big. It’s just the robot shows that got small.

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Honda’s little robot that acts like a human is something you have to see

Fourteen years ago, Honda introduced the first generation of Asimo, a humanoid robot designed to be an assistant to people with limited mobility. It was also something of a public relations push to get people interested in studying science and mathematics. You’ve likely seen it before — it looks like a short, all-white astronaut.

A lot has changed since its first unveiling. Honda just showed off its latest Asimo build on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” and we’re impressed by what we saw:

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Fan creates video line-up of 174 real-life, anime and video game robots… in height order

Remember those science videos they used to show at school which began with the smallest known organism and zoomed out and out until the entire solar system filled the screen? Well imagine that but with almost every robot and mecha you could ever imagine thrown in for good measure.

Uploaded to Niconico Video by user Monako, the video “I Compared the Size of 174 Robots: Microman to Gurren Lagann” is making an appropriately huge splash online today as netizens play Name that Robot while marvelling at just how enormous some of these sci-fi creations are actually supposed to be. From Doraemon and Mega Man to Optimus Prime and Macross Quarter, this is one heck of a nerdy science lesson!

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Honda to lend out more ASIMO-based walking belts for fine tuning in Japan

It’s been a few years since Honda first announced the ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) robot and its associated promises of a better cybernetic tomorrow. But now, the company seems to be doing some further beta testing for its Stride Management Assist technology which will assist in the rehabilitation of people with movement disabilities.

On 28 May, Honda announced it would be lending out 100 units free of charge to hospitals across Japan in order to monitor their performance and fine tune these robotic power walking belts.

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