Who doesn’t want to take a vacation alone with their special someone? Couples’ vacations are quite popular in Japan with both the young and old. In a country that boasts a wealth of hot springs, rustic townships, and even big tourist-centered cities, there is no end to exotic places to visit. Shared vacations can be a great way to learn more about the local areas and spend some time with your Japanese boyfriend or girlfriend.

But what happens after the first couple days of excitement wear off? What do you do when he starts snoring too loudly or she takes too much time picking out an outfit to wear for the evening?

Here are some helpful hints for couples looking to take a trip with their Japanese partner.

  • 1. Keep in mind your partner’s physical limits.

Okay, come on, your mind out of the gutter. A common complaint between couples is one or the other of them dragging their loved ones along without consideration to their fatigue. Japan may have fantastic public transportation in the bigger cities, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t do your fair share of walking when you visit smaller towns. The opposite can be true as well. Don’t be a stick-in-the-mud and refuse to budge if you’re a little tired. Try to figure out a schedule where both of you can see what you want to without stretching your limits to the brink like this unfortunate couple:

“We decided to go for a short trip in the country. I wanted to look around and see the sights, but he was too tired to walk. We ended up just sitting on a park bench for 2 hours, even though it was supposed to be a vacation. I think his lack of stamina kinda woke me from my dream a little.”

  • 2. Don’t take everything except the kitchen sink with you.

If you’re going on a weekend trip to Mt. Fuji, remember that someone has to carry all the suitcases you bring with you. No one wants to be stuck with luggage duty, especially if they are trying to be nice and help you out. Girls, your Japanese boyfriend might not say it, but he still might get annoyed if you make him lug all of your stuff around the countryside. Being prepared is one thing, but be sure to take into account how long your trip is and pack simply whenever possible. And don’t forget to leave space in your suitcase for souvenirs for your Japanese coworkers and friends. They might expect a little something when you get back, especially if you took vacation time off of work.

  • 3. It’s a vacation, live a little!

Saving money is great and all, but who goes on vacations to save money? Your significant other certainly won’t expect to be eating fast-food burgers every day and grabbing souvenirs at the 100 yen stores. (Though don’t rule that out entirely.) Half the lure of visiting other parts of Japan is the new and awesome 名物 (meibutsu or local delicacies), and those don’t always come cheap. Budget wisely so that you can enjoy your time away from home and eat all the fried foods on sticks, tasty noodles, and bean paste pastries the place has to offer!

  • 4. Bathroom etiquette is a must.

Some Japanese people retain the mentality that living with someone when you aren’t married is rather tawdry, even if it’s more commonplace in North America. Don’t be surprised if your coworkers are startled to hear that you share an apartment with your boyfriend or girlfriend. So for those of you taking your first trip about the country and staying together with your partner for several days at a stretch, make sure to remember your that you’ll be sharing ALL the facilities with the other. Try not to surprise your bedfellow with your sloppy habits.

“When the two of us went on our first vacation together, I was stunned by how messy she made the bathroom,” came one man’s complaint. “The shampoo and body soap containers were left open and knocked on their sides. Her hair was all over the tub. The bathroom unit was compact, but even so, she had splashed water from the shower all over the toilet. It was a bit of a shock.”

On the other hand, it’s not just the girls who should be careful. One member of our own RocketNews24 team regaled us today with the tale of how, not wanting his new girlfriend to hear him making number twos in the hotel bathroom during their first trip away, he had the clever idea of running the shower while he used the toilet, hopping in as soon as he’d answered the call of nature. The entire plan went off perfectly until he heard a quiet gasp from his girlfriend half an hour later when she went to use the bathroom herself and our writer realised that he’d actually forgotten to flush the toilet when he’d finished…

  • 5. Don’t let your eyes wander during your trip.

Perhaps the most basic and yet crucial pointer for vacationing couples is the reminder that you are there as a couple. Tourist spots are usually crawling with more than just the usual city slicks. Try to remember that your Japanese girlfriend won’t necessarily like it if your eyes stray below the neckline. Likewise, your Japanese boyfriend might not appreciate you chatting up the waiter at the local okonomiyaki restaurant. Japan has many beautiful beaches, from the shores of Shirarahama in Wakayama to the famous Emerald Beach in Okinawa. Lots of beaches can mean lots of bared skin and temptation. Make your visit memorable by making your special someone feel like they matter.

Preparation for a trip takes more than squeezing clothes into a duffel bag. Don’t go into it blindsided! Shared vacations are a great way for couples fresh and new or tried and true to get to know each other… for better or worse.

Source: Trend News
Top image: RocketNews24