menscider Feeling thirsty? MEN’S CIDER COOL PUNCH (official name, no extra emphasis from our side) will cool you down, and reinforce your extreme manliness.

Beverage giant Itoen’s latest offering is a sparkling (wait a minute, that doesn’t sound manly enough) carbonated drink with a citrus-y aftertaste that will leave you refreshed and ready to face the heat. Hmm.. sounds suspiciously like flavoured soda.

But this is no ordinary carbonated beverage! It’s packed with 3,000 mg of citric acid, as well as salt and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are lost in the copious amounts of sweat everyone oozes during the summer season.

Apparently men are more likely to be active outdoors and are therefore more prone to heat stroke than their delicate, stay-indoors female counterparts. This is presumably the thought process that led to the dubiously hilarious name MEN’S CIDER COOL PUNCH.

Much like normal water, it will help combat dehydration and heat stroke when partaking in manly activities such as getting on and off the subway, general sweating (remember, ladies glow), and occasional sports.

On sale now for 147 yen (US $1.50)!

Source: Entabe