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Starbucks Japan adds new Ginger Ale Cloud non-alcoholic coffee cocktail to Tokyo Reserve menus

”New coffee experience” aims to satisfy your cravings for sweet, bitter, and fizzy drinks all at once.

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Pepsi’s new Japan Cola has a special ingredient: one of Japan’s most delicious sweets seasonings

Japan-exclusive soft drink has a citrus finish, but it’s not from oranges, lemons, or limes.

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Japan’s famous Great Buddha of Kamakura, Shirakawa village grace beautiful new Coca-Cola bottles

Six new designs unveiled in continuing series that salutes Japan’s natural beauty and cultural legacy.

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Coca-Cola’s new limited-edition Japan travel destination bottles highlight history and culture

Company breaks with tradition by letting Nagoya Castle bottle shine in gold.

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Coca-Cola Japan releases new clear coke this month, we get to try it before it goes on sale

No calories, no colour and, surprisingly, a slightly different flavour to regular Coke.

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Japan’s Calpis beverage can leave a gross residue in some people’s mouths, and here’s why

It’s the name that turns many English-speakers off, but even people in Japan sometimes take issue the way Calpis can linger in your mouth.

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Suntory releases new Pepsi soft drinks only available in Japan

The three new beverages have been developed to specifically suit Japanese tastes.

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Japanese vending machines set to become cooler than ever by selling sub-zero soft drinks

New machines to go into service in time for Japan’s steamy summer months.

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Coca-Cola Japan unveils new cherry blossom sakura design bottle for 2018

We won’t have to wait until the blossoms appear to enjoy sakura with our Coca-Cola this year.

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Peach Coca-Cola coming to Japan in a world-first for the company

People in Japan will be the first in the world to find out what the unique flavour combination tastes like.

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Coca-Cola “Slim Bottle” City Designs range showcases top tourist spots in Japan

Each bottle can only be purchased in the specific tourist spot it was designed for, so tracking down all nine requires a Japanese road trip of epic proportions.

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Coca-Cola releases five new gorgeous limited-edition bottles in Japan

Each of the locally-themed designs will be limited for sale in different regions of the country.

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McDonald’s Japan doubles down on cherry blossom season with new cherry soda and float

While everyone loves the sakura, you shouldn’t overlook the sakuranbo.

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Coca-Cola to release their healthiest cola ever in Japan this March

Although they are stopping just short of calling it an actual “health cola,” Coca-Cola Plus is the latest addition to the health-oriented cola war in Japan.

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Coca Cola Japan releases new flavour to combat the winter cold

A spinning reel of enticing flavour possibilities was used to introduce the new star ingredient.

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We try the delicious new Japan-only sakura Pepsi【Taste test】

It turns out that Cherry blossom Pepsi tastes as lovely as it looks.

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World’s first-ever Sakura Pepsi coming to Japan this March

Japanese beverage maker Suntory has just announced it will be releasing its first-ever cherry blossom-flavoured Pepsi this spring.

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Lemon or dirt flavored? Lemongina is the blue dress of the soft drink world 【Taste Test】

The French carbonated orange drink Orangina has been widely accepted in Japan as one of the top sodas. In fact Japanese beverage company Suntory now owns the beverage in all Asian and European markets.

So it was with great anticipation that Japanese consumers welcomed the new lemon flavor, dubbed Lemongina, on 31 March. However, that warm welcome lasted barely a few minutes as Twitter was flooded with complaints that the new drink “tastes like dirt.” This was followed shortly thereafter by a flood of complaints that it “doesn’t taste like dirt” when drunk after hearing that it did.

Had Suntory made a major blunder in their artificial flavoring, or is part of Japan undergoing mass hysteria? We headed down to the supermarket to find out.

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Pepsi reboots Japan’s Peach Boy with 3 action and monster-filled ads that’re 8 kinds of badass

The story of Momotaro is one of Japan’s oldest folktales, but a lot of its elements seem a little silly. For starters, the hero’s name translates as “Peach Boy.” His companions are a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant, who he wins over by giving them some sweet dumplings in exchange for their help against the story’s villains, who all have outie bellybuttons.

Goofy as these details may sound, though, the core of the tale is absolutely epic. A young hero who harnesses the power of wild beasts, then sails into the heart of demon territory to rumble with them on their island fortress? In a world where every literary and comic character is a candidate to become a darkly stylish action hero (heck, even Batman’s gritty reboot is getting its own gritty reboot), why hasn’t someone revamped Peach Boy into something closer to Peach Man?

Actually, someone already has, but you won’t find the new Momotaro in theatres, and while you might catch him flipping through the channels on TV, you can’t find his adventures scheduled in the program guide. That’s because this amazingly awesome version of Momortaro is actually a series of commercials from Pepsi.

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Four ways to enjoy delicious strawberry Calpis (other than giggling at its name)

With its startling name, it’s taking time for the yogurt-like beverage Calpis to catch on with non-Japanese consumers, who sometimes know it better by its alternate name, Calpico. For people in Japan, though, Calpis is old hat, so much so that its makers occasionally feel the need to mix up the product line with new versions and special flavors.

This year, that means strawberry Calpis. We just got our hands on a bottle, and if you can get past any hang-ups about the name, here are four ways to enjoy this delicious limited time treat.

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