This year’s finalists for the Kanto region Miss Cutest High School Girl contest were decided on August 3. Never heard of the contest before?

Miss-Con, the Japanese nickname for the contest, was started in order to figure out who was the cutest high school first year in the Kanto region. Because if there’s one thing Japan can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing cuter than a high school girl. In the past, the contest was a part of a different event “Love Sunshine” or LoveSun, meant for followers of the gyaru fashion, a form of extreme fashion in Japan, often involving heavily dyed hair, tanned skin, lots of make up, and daring clothing choices. Now in its third year, Miss-Con has two separate categories for their contestants: cutest gyaru and cutest “natural” high school girl (i.e. without the crazy hair and signature outfits).

Winner of the second Miss-Con, Iwase Moe, went on to do professional modeling and is the current featured model for the women’s fashion magazine, Happie Nuts. Needless to say, all of this year’s contestants are dreaming of the same sort of opportunity by winning the Grand Prix.

Voting Rules:

To vote in the contest, you must sign up with your twitter or blog account. You will vote using these as your logins. Finalists are decided based on the following five categories:

Category A: Votes on the official site (twitter account required).

Category B: Supporter messages sent from your personal twitter account tweeted at the contestant with #高一ミスコン as the hashtag.

Category C: Number of retweets of the contestant’s tweet (must include hashtag #高一ミスコン to count).

Category D: The number of users who access the contestant’s profile page from the official voting site.

Category E: The number of likes on the contestant’s Facebook page.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Here are the lovely little ladies themselves:



Chikaccho is the current leader in total site votes. She is blood type O and collects Disney merchandise. She also enjoys all types of dances and has a winning smile to go along with her peppy, natural demeanor.



First place in supporter messages from twitter, Yuunya is blood type B and loves to dance as well. Her self-proclaimed cutest feature is her childishly small, bowed mouth.



Yuttan has the most retweets on twitter so far. She has type O blood and sings as a hobby. Take a look at the cute mole under her lip!



Most page views on the site profile goes to Hikauncho. She has type B blood and her hobbies include watching baseball, eating a lot, and doing housework. Her charming feature is her buckteeth.



Misaki has the most Facebook likes at this point. Her blood type is AB and she participates in the traditional Awa Odori festival. She also does track and field at school and people say she has a cute nose.



Kaotan has been generating the most visitor traffic from her personal blog. She’s blood type A and specializes in making funny faces. She chose her eyes as her most charming feature.



RenaRena currently has the most points overall. She’s type B, loves to dance, and has an anime-like high voice. She likes her cute front teeth.



Popular vote from the female staff goes to Yuzu so far. She’s type B, enjoys listening to music, and playing volleyball. She likes her own dimples.



Last but not least, Riitan has the popular vote from the male staff. She’s blood type A and likes sleeping and eating. Her charm point is her mouth.

These nine finalists were chosen out of the original 25 semi-finalists and voting for the Grand Prix has been in full swing since 6:00pm JST. You can vote until August 7, 12:00pm JST, so those of you that want a hand in picking the prettiest prepubescent high-schooler in the Kanto area, don’t forget to cast your ballot!

The Grand Prix will take place at the highly anticipated dance contest “High School Dance Festa 2013”, on August 8 at 3:00pm JST at the SHIBUYA-AX auditorium in Tokyo, halfway between Shibuya and Harajuku train stations.

Source: ModelPress