Many of us have heard legends about Japanese vending machines. It’s said that you can get practically anything, not just pop and candy bars, from some of these mechanical beauties. Sadly, much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, most vending machines in Japan only serve your typical fare of soda, water bottles, tea, and corn soup. I was personally quite disheartened on my first trip overseas when I was unable to find a single novelty vending machine during my entire visit. However, this upcoming fall season, a popular bra company in Japan is inviting women to buy their brand new bra directly from a vending machine. 

A women’s underwear brand in Japan, une nana cool, is gearing up for this year’s autumn sales with their new “Fun Fun Week” line of undergarments. Subsidiary of parent company Wacoal, une nana cool gained popularity in women’s panty circles for the high-quality fit of their underthings. Since their establishment, the brand has been constantly adding improvements to their wireless bra design to try to accommodate as many female body types as possible. They’ve sold over 35,000 brassieres from their Fun Fun Week series of unmentionables. This year, they’re planning a new wireless design for girls in need of a little support but who don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for it.


The slogan for une nana cool‘s vending machine bra campaign is “easy to buy, easy to wear.” The different sizes and colors are labeled on the machine itself, making it perfect for any lovely lady on the go. Bypass all the hassle of browsing, fitting, and wading through long register lines with a quick trip to the lingerie shop’s vending machine instead.


If you happen to be around the Tokyo area from August 9 to 31, take a look in Shibuya’s PARCO department store for these handy bra dispensers! Or, if you can’t make the trip in person, check out their online store for more of their comfortable under-layers. This year their goal is to sell 45,000 bras to the masses.

Sadly, the special underwear vending machines are only available inside une nana cool stores and not out on public streets around Japan. But perhaps this concept will give Japan the boost it needs to live up to its impressive vending machine reputation.

Top image:, Inset images: une nana cool