ninja room

With dozens of websites dedicated to videos of their cute antics, there’s no denying that the Japanese love their pets. But when a pet owner also happens to be a rather talented craftsman, you can be sure that when their skills and love for their pet come together, the results will be terrific.

Check out this miniature ninja house that YouTuber heibonkinoko made for his pet hamster, which comes complete with hidden doors, fake walls and escape tunnels. It’s positively epic in tiny proportions.

“He was a little confused at first,” writes the hamster owner beneath his video, “but once he got his head around how everything worked, he was completely absorbed, running around and around the house for hours.”

Designed to look like a traditional Japanese-style house, the detail here is incredible. With paper-covered doors, hanging scrolls and miniature tea tables, the fact that it should also feature karakuri ninja-style escape mechanisms is just astounding.

▼ Heading upstairs, the little guy knows exactly where to go.

ninja stairs

▼ The tatami mats and chabudai table are fantastic touches.

ninja room

▼ He’s heading towards an ordinary-looking wall, but then…

ninja wall

▼ Ninja vanish!!!

ninja wall 2

▼ In the next room, though, there’s nowhere to run.

ninja wall 3

▼ Or is there??

ninja dresser

ninja house boom

We’ll leave you to enjoy the video in full. Don’t blame us if after watching it you feel the need to rush out and buy a hamster and some plywood!

Oh, and in case that wasn’t cute enough for you, here’s a bonus video made by the same YouTuber, which sees the same hamster making short–or perhaps long?–work of baby corn (or “young corn” as it’s somewhat comically known here in Japan). Enjoy!

Source: ITMedia
Video/images: YouTube heibonkinoko