This is one weird machine you won’t find anywhere else!

Where do you buy your toothbrush? Most people buy theirs at supermarkets or drugstores, or even at dentists if they’re particular about it. But did you know that in Japan, you can buy one at a vending machine?

If that’s news to you, don’t worry — even local Japanese people might not know about the existence of such a machine. Our reporter Haruka Takagi didn’t even know about it until she stumbled across it in the parking lot of a toothbrush-related company near Hongan-ji Temple in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto.

▼ The sign on the side of the machine reads: “Use it and Realise!! Toothbrushes. There’s also toothpaste!

Haruka didn’t need any more convincing to try such a unique machine, and when she got closer to it, she saw they were priced from 100 yen (US$0.69) for a pack of two.

That was an incredibly good deal, and with prices this cheap, she could afford to buy a few of them. So she began by browsing the options, which included…

▼…dental floss (200 yen) and toothpaste (200 yen)…

▼…children’s toothbrushes (200 yen for two), interdental brushes (500 yen for 2 boxes), and, for some reason, medical masks (six for 200 yen).

There were also “brushes for small areas” (three for 500 yen), and toothbrushes for adults that looked like they were recommended by a dentist (two for 200 yen and three for 200 yen),

On the top shelves, there were toothbrushes with caps (200 yen for two), cheap toothbrushes (100 yen for two), and a “fun box” (400 yen) that includes a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Haruka isn’t up-to-date with current toothbrush prices, but from her point of view, all these prices seemed reasonable. She does know a bit about dental floss, though, as she uses the same brand as the one stocked in the machine, and here it was about half the price of buying it at the store so if that was an indication of things, all these other options looked to be a good deal too.

Out of all the choices, Haruka couldn’t get the “fun box” out of her mind, especially as it was sold in the form of a “gacha” lottery style blind box, with the words, “It might be a toothbrush from a maker you know!” written on the display box for it.

▼ So that’s what she purchased.

What came out in the tray beneath was a simple white box, and it made a light rattling sound when shaken.

▼ So…what was in it?

▼ It contained a toothbrush she had never seen before!!!!

The toothbrush was called “L’Atelier” and the toothpaste was called “Apagard Renamel“.

Both seemed to be products made for professional use, and the estimated total price was about 800 yen. It was a bit of a shame that it hadn’t been a maker or brand she knew about, as suggested on the display, but it seemed like a good deal in any case.

▼ Haruka, however, was now hooked, and couldn’t resist having another go to see what the gacha gods might deliver next.

This time, she received another Renamel toothpaste tube, and a toothbrush called…Friend Sam?

Whipping out her phone to find out more, Haruka discovered it was actually “Sam Friend”, and despite the fun-looking packaging, it was another professionally made product, manufactured by a famous company called San Dental.

Haruka appreciated these rather obscure products, but she was in the market for a product from a famous brand like Lion or Kao.

▼ So she rolled the dice again.

Haruka decided this third try would be her last, so she said a little prayer as she pressed the button. However, when she picked up her box and opened it up, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Inside was the now-familiar Renamel toothpaste, but this time, it was served up alongside…

▼ …a toothbrush from GReeeeN!

GReeeeN is a four-member Japanese vocal group that made their debut in 2007. Their logo is deigned to look like a mouthful of teeth — with four “e” letters to represent the four members — as all of them graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry.

This toothbrush was perfect merch for such a group, and after looking it up online, Haruka found the product was released in 2014. This rare toothbrush made Haruka’s day, and she couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear like the Greeeen logo as she made her way home to try it.

Pulling the toothbrush out of the box, she found that the handle was well designed, as it was round and thick, making it easy to hold without having to exert any force, and it also had a rubberised section to prevent slippage.

The brush reached the back teeth smoothly, and the fine bristles provided her with the pleasant feeling of cleaning well between the teeth.

She’s been using it every day since she got it, and she really thinks the polishing results are excellent 00 her teeth have been feeling smooth and happy, thanks to the guys from Greeeen… and that weird vending machine.

It was a miraculous encounter with the gacha gods that Haruka is grateful for every day. So next time you’re sightseeing in Kyoto, you might want to take some time out to try your luck at the toothbrush vending machine. Who knows what treasures you’ll uncover!

Vending machine information
Address: Kyoto-fu. Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku, Omiya-dori Shichijo-sagaru Omiya 3-6

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