That’s right, you can now own your very own gacha gacha gacha gacha.

There’s really no limit to the variety offered by Japanese gacha gacha, or capsule toy, vending machines. Over the years, we’ve seen water-squirting bidet button replicas, classy futons for your smartphone to sleep in, and, as discovered this week, handwritten love letters from psychotically possessive little sisters.

So really, perhaps there was only one place left for capsule toy machines to go: capsule toys of capsule toy machines, which is the latest endeavor from toymaker Stasto.

Stasto’s 1:12-scale Gacha Gacha Machines come in only two colors, red or green, and have identical exterior designs. That makes them a pretty sure bet in the capsule toy world, since often the same product lineups have some very different items in them, though there’s still a bit of randomized fun here, which we’ll get to in just a second.

We ended up with a bright red machine, and while it’s got a surprisingly large number of parts, assembly was a snap, both literally and figuratively, since the diagrammed directions clearly show which pieces to attach where. It even comes with two tiny 1:12-scale capsules to put in the case!

The coolest part of all, though, is that the mini machines are functional. Turning the crank causes a capsule to drop down into the prize claim slot, but only if you’ve first inserted an actual coin.

Depending on the specific model you get, the machine takes either 10, 50, or 100-yen coins. To figure out which exact model you’ve got, you can flip the machine over and check the length of the pin in its underside, then consult the directions…

…or just try sticking the three different coins into the slot and see which fits.

▼ And yes, you can get your money back out by opening the cover on the bottom.

The entire lineup consists of seven possible prizes: red and green versions of the 10, 50, and 100-yen-coin machines, plus a machineless bundle of 12 multicolored capsules. Each costs 300 yen (US$2.70), the going average for capsule toys, and a bargain if you consider that once you own your very own machine, you can then use it as much as you like for free.

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