People have the amazing ability to see human traits in nearly anything. From the anthropomorphism of cartoons and nature to cursing at your car when it won’t start, there’s almost no limit to the things we see as human-like.

But safety pins? Surely only someone with a less-than-firm grip on reality could take a safety pin for person-like or even having any human qualities?

The following photo album might just convince you otherwise!

Junn.C, a professional photographer from Hangzhou, China, has taken anthropomorphism out of the realm of cartoons and cars and applied it to the most everyday of objects: safety pins!

While the very idea might seem absurd, his success is undeniable! If safety pins ever gain sentience and get sick of being stuck in everything, they should turn to Junn.C to be their ambassador to the world! We think he gets them.

Here are 12 of the best safety pin photos.

▼Tea, anyone?



▼”I. Am. Fabulous!”


▼ Pensive…


▼Summers on the pier. Is there anything better?


▼Aw, such a cute family. Makes you wonder what they’re watching…





▼This one picture is full of so many stories!



▼Throw Away Your Books, Run Into the Streets!


Absolutely breathtaking if you ask us. It certainly makes you wonder what those little guys are getting up to when we’re not looking. It also explains why we always prick our fingers when we use safety pins. Hey, wait a minute! Maybe they’re not so beautiful after all…

Anyway, Japanese commenters were equally wowed by Junn.C’s photos:

Just by changing the angle, he gives them the expressions of mothers and fathers.

This is so great!

They’re somehow incredibly cute!

However, some were left wanting a bit more.

Looking at how they don’t have arms makes me feel a bit uneasy.

They certainly do look very human, but it’s all kind of the same–they just look downhearted.

The safety pins seems as if they could get up and talk to you, but I wish he’d use some other poses.

Well, we thought they were brilliant, and Junn.C clearly has an unquestionably brilliant career before him. If you can’t wait to see more of his work, visit Jun.C’s spectacular website here.

Source: Kotaro