It’s a thought that’s bound to have crossed the mind of anyone who has read or watched the wildly popular Attack on Titan series. And if it hasn’t yet, the realistic special effects in next year’s live-action film adaptation are sure to do the trick: In the extremely unlikely event of an attack on humanity by colossal Titans, where the heck can we go to be safe?? 

While this hypothetical possibility alone may strike enough fear into some people to make them go live under a rock, others have taken up the challenge and are using their creative thinking skills to plot out a course of action before disaster strikes. We asked one such Titan fan for advice, and she was kind enough to share the top five safest places from an attack by Titans in her opinion. Do any of your ideas make the cut? 

Let’s dive right into the details. In the remote possibility of a Titan sighting, you should drop everything and run to one of the following locations.

5th place: Hakodate City, in the vicinity of the Toicho fishing harbor (Hokkaido Prefecture)
Safety rating: ☆ / Naval power is strong but we have doubts about a land battle

▼ The famous city panorama at night from Mt. Hakodate


Humans should make a naval fleet out of the numerous fishing ships that catch giant tuna in the harbor. They can then throw harpoons from the safety of the ships to the Titans stuck on land. However, this tactic would be difficult to pull off if the ship ventures too far from the shore for some reason. If forced to fight on land, the human defense wouldn’t be nearly as strong, so that’s why this pick is given only a one-star rating.

4th place: Tottori Prefecture
Safety rating: ☆☆ / Sand traps are a good strategy against the Titans

▼ Tottori Prefecture: even strong enough to take on Starbucks!


Tottori is the only prefecture in Japan with a large system of sand dunes, and this is one example of how we can use the geography of the region to our benefit. The sand will slow down the Titans due to their mammoth size. We should dig a huge hole in the sand, then find a way to lure them into the pit, where they’ll be trapped and helpless.

While this sand strategy would work relatively well against most titans, some that possess a higher level of intelligence or other special attributes may not fall for it. Not to mention, building a sandpit large enough to trap the Titans would be extremely laborious and time-intensive. That’s why our source gives it four stars.

3rd place: Kitakyushu City (Fukuoka Prefecture)
Safety rating: ☆☆☆ / The fighting strength of the local citizens gets full marks, but there are other concerns

▼ You’ve gotta be on the right track in a city with an outer space theme park (“Space World”)!


Combine the strength of the local yakuza and random citizens who own Russian rocket launchers and you’ll have one heck of a resistance movement. By the way, Kitakyushu also scored first on our list earlier this month of places to survive the zombie apocalypse

But even if individual city residents pack some serious firepower, humans could be in pinch if they refuse to be organized under a strong central leadership. Kitakyushu City gets three stars.

2nd place: Namba Ward, Osaka City
Safety rating: ☆☆☆☆ / Excellent battleground and fighting strength

▼ Dotonbori Street alongside the canal


This is my personal favorite of the bunch. We all know about the outgoing and boisterous personalities of Osakans, so why not use that to our advantage? We should have no problem repelling the Titans if the people of the city unite.

For a strategy, employ a mobile bicycle corps to guide the Titans into the Dotonbori canal (alongside the famous Dotonbori street popular with tourists) located in the center of the city. Then, get die-hard fans of the Hanshin Tigers (the regional baseball team, which also happens to have a Red Sox/Yankees-like rivalry with the Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo…see the connection to Titans here??) to chuck statues of Colonel Sanders and Kuidaoretaro (the mechanical drum-playing clown figure in Dotonbori; mascot of a now defunct restaurant) at them. Bring up the rear with an army of Osaka grannies propelling vegetables and side dishes bought at the local supermarket Tamade, and you’ve got a foolproof plan! Namba Ward gets four stars and a home run!!

1st place: Gunma Prefecture
Safety rating: Maximum possible / The titans stand no chance against “Gunma power”!

▼ Mt. Asama in Gunma Prefecture- the most active volcano on the main Japanese island of Honshu


The many mountains of Gunma make it a natural stronghold and the best place for a decisive battle against the Titans in Japan. With backup support from neighboring Tochigi Prefecture, the Titans don’t stand a chance. Squad leader Levi can use his genius skills to lead the rest of the Survey Corps into battle with their 3D Maneuver Gear. During the battle, the population can also survive self-sufficiently thanks to the local cultivation of wheat, vegetables, and livestock. Gunma ranks in as a magnificent number one.

Do you agree with this fan’s choices? We’d love to see what other safe places around the world our readers can come up with! Feel free to share your own list in the comments section below.

Original article by Nakano
Photos: Wikipedia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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