No one likes using public toilets, do they?

With the smell, the uncomfortable and unfamiliar surroundings, and the fear of butt-cooties latching onto our heinies, it’s only out of desperation that most people will drop their pants and park their naked butts onto a public toilet seat. So when one of the more fastidious members of society is faced with a dire situation, what do they do?

Well, since many public restrooms are equipped with flushable toilet seat covers these days, we presume that they just grab one of those and get to work. But, of course, not every institution is so kind as to provide the public with such amenities. For whatever reason, there are many public restrooms where people are left to their own designs. Some of us will just grin and bear, bare butts on cold, cold seats. Others might try hovering, but that’s equally uncomfortable.

Of course, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So many quick thinkers will simply make their own seat covers out of toilet paper. But how much is enough? One layer? Two layers? More?!


Yep, the answer was “more.”

We’re not sure exactly how many layers of toilet paper are stacked upon that seat…but we’re pretty sure it’s not flushable.

The above image originated on a Korean site and has been making the rounds, drumming up a lot of talk, with people wondering just what was going through this person’s mind! Obviously, no one’s going to come forward to explain themselves, so we’ll be left guessing for time immemorial we suppose. Our bet? It was aliens. This is clearly a sign from another galaxy–a highly sophisticated form of communication. If only we knew what they were trying to tell us!
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