China – and to a large extent, Japan – seems to have an unhealthy obsession with any woman of above-average attractiveness performing some action that attractive women aren’t typically known for.

The Chinese media has serialized this concept to the point that we’ve seen them make a fuss over “hot girl cops,” “hot girl soldiers,” heck, even “hot girl bus drivers.” It seems like any time a cute girl does anything other than breath, Asia goes completely crazy.

And now, just when you thought the concept couldn’t jump the shark more spectacularly, we now have “hot girl archer.”


Known as the “Wu Tai Goddess,” this cute college student is no doubt setting Chinese hearts ablaze at Wuhan University and across the Chinese Internet, but in other regions, Netizens seem surprisingly uninterested, mostly commenting in passing that she’s okay-looking while primarily wondering if she may be on the cut of a large Chinese computer game publisher.

On closer inspection, scenes of her at archery practice seem to have some very clever, conspicuously placed advertising for a new online game:


Fret not what the Internet has to say about you, Wu Tai Goddess! You’re beautiful and you kick ass. If the world is ever taken over by an authoritarian government and young people are forced to fight to the death for the pleasure of the ruling class, there’s nobody we’d rather have on our team.

Source: Byoukan Sunday