Were you one of the millions playing the battery life out of Pokémon Red, Green, or Blue back in the late ’90s? If so, your days fishing for magicarp have probably taken a backseat to a 9-5 job and changing diapers. Perhaps you feel a little disconnected after the several iterations that followed the original games over nearly two decades and feel that the poké balls have been passed to younger generations?

If any of this applies to you, the people behind Pokémon want to say they understand and have prepared a special treat in store. Coming 2 October to TV Tokyo a new anime series will begin titled Pokémon the Origin and follows the storyline of the original set of games.

The 2 October release date is also intended to get people geared up for the release of 3DS titles Pokémon X and Y on 12 October. So the producers are hoping that there’s something for fans both old and new.

Pokémon the Origin takes place in the fictional Kanto region where the Pokémon researcher Prof. Oak gifts the young Red his first Pokémon partner a charmander and gives him the task of completing the Pokédex. At the same time, Red’s childhood friend and Prof. Oak’s grandson Green is also given the same job.

We follow Red as he gets into battles and adventures with Blue (Green in the original Japanese game hence his wardrobe color) and Gym Leaders like Brock. There are also encounters with Team Rocket culminating with a fierce battle against Giovanni. But what adventures lie beyond that?

All in all its to be a tribute to the original games beginning in 1996 and legions of fans it spawned who fell in love with the story of a young person going out into the world and training its monsters.

Series Premier
Wednesday, 2 October, 2013
Starts at 7:00pm on TV Tokyo

Source: Pokémon Japan (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – PokemonCoJp, KINGJOSH4EVA