A few days ago we reported on a series of whimsical Twitter warnings issued by Imuraya, makers of the Adzuki Bar. The tweets all advise consumers of the famous frozen sweet bean snacks that “Adzuki Bars are seriously hard, so watch your teeth!”

But how hard are they really? Hard enough to, say, drive a nail through a piece of wood? Our reporter Usagi-chan decided to find out.

For the first control experiment. Usagi tried to eat an Adzuki Bar which as its name and reputation implies is a rock-hard mass of beans and sugar. She confirmed that it is “indeed hard” at the moment she struggled to make a dent in one with her front teeth.

For the second control test she tapped a nail into a board using regular hammer. This way she could compare its performance with the Adzuki Bar’s. As you can see from her flawless nail art, our Usagi’s constantly beavering away in the tool shed…

As expected, the hammer could easily puncture the wood with the nail. All was right with the world.

Next it was time for the Adzuki Bar, straight from the freezer. Usagi was apprehensive thinking that the bar was likely to shatter and send shards of sweet bean right up into her sconces. Still, undeterred she lined up the frozen treat.



Granted the nail is a little slushier from the hammering of frozen beans but it has been firmly sent into the board.  The Adzuki Bar itself is no worse for wear showing only minor scuffing of the impact area.

Usagi noted that the iced confection was, obviously lighter than a hammer. Although this hurt its driving power she was able to hit the nail with better accuracy and keep a steadier rhythm.

In conclusion, an Adzuki Bar is hard enough to be used as a hammer. So if you happen to be hanging some drywall this summer and need an extra one, just head to the convenience store (or supermarket a for 6-pack) and you’ll even have a tasty treat when your finished. Just watch your teeth!

Original Article by Usagi Yumeno
Source: Twitter – @IMURAYA_DM

First get a feel of things using a hammer.

Of course, no problem.

Next, driving the nail with an Adzuki Bar





Those Adzuki Bars sure are something!

And the Adzuki Bar is unharmed!

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