Recently Shenzhen, Guangdong announced a new bylaw against “non-civilized” behavior in public toilets of the city. This means that guys for whom the act of urination turns into a Sunday afternoon with a wacky water weasel may face fines if caught.

The introduction of the new law naturally raised questions from the residents of Shenzhen such as the most important: “Who’s going to enforce this rule and how?” Other men, either sheepishly or indignantly asked, “Do you have to pay even if it’s by accident?”

It’s the latest in a string of efforts to improve the conditions of public toilets all over the country such as last year’s “two-flies-or-fewer” policy for lavatories in Beijing.

Aside for misfiring, spitting phlegm on the floor and tossing litter into urinals will also be deemed “non-civilized” behavior when the law comes into effect on 1 September. So if you happen to live in the Shenzhen area you only have one more week to let all of your bodily fluids fly carefree in a public space until you will face hefty fines of 100 yuan (US$16) if caught.

Source: MSN News (Japanese)
Image: RocketNews24