As we reported in August, the city of Shenzhen, China enacted a pee-control policy in its public toilets. Anyone caught peeing outside of the appropriate receptacle can face fines up to 100 yuan (US$16).

But when life hands you urination regulations, the true entrepreneur makes sweet golden urination regulation-aiding merchandise! That’s just what two opportunists did with their Pee Trajectory Corrector. Look for them conveniently on sale outside of a public washroom in Shenzhen.

What is a Pee Trajectory Corrector?

Pee Trajectory Corrector utilizes cutting edge funnel and hose technology. Rather than leaving the fate of your pee up to sudden gusts of wind or muscle spasms, the funnel acts to gather your waste onto the right track.

Next, the flexi-grip hose guides the urine exactly where you want it to go. It’s been scientifically tested to fit all types of urinals, toilets and squat toilets. Also, if the restroom happens to be full, you can even use it with drain pipes!

Is it smartphone friendly?

Studies show that a majority of pee misfires occur when the peeing party is preoccupied with their smartphones. The makers of Pee Trajectory Corrector took that into consideration and included a neck strap which allows the user to tweet and tinkle at the same time!

Is it available in my choice of colors?

You bet it is! The Pee Trajectory Corrector is available in a wide array of loud colors such as hot pink and electric green. This way when you have to take care of business everyone will know you’re doing it right. And if the Shenzhen municipal pee inspector comes-a-checking he won’t have to look hard to know you’re following the law.

With all these features, there’s no reason not to get a Pee Trajectory Corrector. Even if you’re not a citizen of Shenzhen, at 10 yuan (US$1.60) a pop, they make excellent souvenirs and can be used in the home as well to help prevent marital stress.

You better act fast, though. Customers are going crazy over Pee Trajectory Correctors and supplies are limited!

Source: YouTube
Original article by Takashi Harada

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