No matter how great your job as a chocolate taster may be, there will eventually come a day when you wake up, roll over, and think, “Oh, gawd, I do not want to go to work today!”

Now, if you were a normal person, you might lounge in bed for a few minutes before sighing and forcing yourself up. Or, if you were really desperate, you might even call in with a fake cough or a miserable story about your Aunt Mildred who fell and broke her spleen and needs a spleen cast.

Then again, if you were this 20-something woman in Tokyo, you might come up with an altogether more, uh, unique plan.

  • All tied up at the moment

On Monday, police were called to a residence in Setagaya, Tokyo after a woman in her 20s was discovered by her landlord unconscious and bound with rope and belts. After police freed her, the young woman was taken to the hospital for observation, and, based on the situation, it was thought that she had been the victim of a robbery.


  • Until…

On Wednesday, the woman was released from the hospital, after which the police established a shocking fact about the incident. As there were no signs of forced entry, they realized that she had not been robbed at all and that no one else had been involved. She had, in fact, tied herself up!

  • Wait, what??

According to news reports, it seems that the young woman had told the police that, “I didn’t want to go to work, so as an excuse for being absent, I did it to myself.” As may be expected she received quite the reprimand from the police before being released.


Japanese Twitter users tweeted up a storm!

Well, that’s one way to do it.
That’s in the championship level of excuses for not going to work!
Do…do you really hate work that much??
There are times when I really don’t want to go either, but this is just…w(´・ω・`)
For her to do that by herself…that’s some pretty impressive skills.
That’s just going too far!
I thought it was some kind of “play” or something, but…that’s the reason?
So, how did she lose consciousness? Wait, did she fall asleep? HAH!
To have the courage to tie yourself up…

We can certainly understand that many people don’t want to go to work. Well, not us, obviously, we love our jobs! Right, boss? But still, if you’re going to go to that much trouble just to skip work, why not take some time off and go on a gorgeous vacation? It seems like she really could have chosen something better…

Shibari image sources: Wikipedia
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