According to news correspondence from Wuhan City in China, a Chinese-Korean woman used the internet to befriend a man from China only to discover that on meeting face to face, he fell short of her expectations. The woman then contacted local authorities claiming that she had been “cheated.”

The woman, Ms. Chan (35), who is of Chinese descent but possesses Korean nationality and resides in the city of Suwon, Korea, first made contact with the Chinese man (37) from Wuhan, China, via the Chinese instant messenger software QQ. The man is believed to be employed part-time. After several chat sessions, the couple are said to have hit it off and as a natural course of events, the woman suggested flying over to China to meet in person. However, for one reason or another, the man would always claim to be busy and say that it was difficult for him to take time off from work.

Nevertheless, on 28 April 2013, Ms. Chan flew to China for a surprise visit, bringing with her a present worth an estimated 266 US dollars. Without any prior notification, she entered into the man’s workplace only to find that the physical characteristics of the man standing before her differed considerably to what she had been anticipating. Needless to say, the man was also bewildered by the woman’s abruptness in suddenly turning up.

Enraged, Ms. Chan demanded that the man pay for her round-trip travel fares of 380 US dollars. It is said that she reported the incident to the police only after the man refused outright to pay her expenses. When the police arrived at the scene, it came to light that Ms.Chan carried insufficient funds to get herself back home. The police authorities eventually persuaded the man not only to pay for her travel fares but also reimburse the cost of the present she had brought him.

Source: Record China