Unidentified suspect is a modern-day ninja, using his powers for creepiness.

Earlier this week in the bustling city of Himeji in Hyogo Prefecture, a man paid a visit to his 90-year-old mother’s house and cooked her a meal. However during his time there his spry upper-middle-aged ears picked up a strange sound coming from the second floor that his mother’s had been unable to detect.

Walking up the steps and opening a door, he found a 20-year-old man, whom he had never seen before, sleeping on a futon. Holding back his shock, he quietly snuck back downstairs and called the emergency number 110.

Police quickly arrived at the home and woke up the young man before arresting him and taking him back to the station. The suspect has been uncooperative during interrogation, not even revealing his name to the authorities.

However, according to police he is believed to have first entered the woman’s home on 12 December at about 7:20 in the morning. This meant he probably lived there for about half a year to the day.

▼ Last winter was particularly snowy and cold for many parts of Japan.

He even allegedly left his shoes at the front entrance upon entering. The mother told police that she almost never went up to the second floor and doesn’t know the suspect at all.

Readers of the new were understandably creeped way out by the incident.

“Every night she went to sleep with someone else and she didn’t even know it. Gyagh!”
“I’m pretty worried about the woman if she didn’t notice this guy.”
“Maybe he thinks if he never speaks, they’ll keep him in prison forever.”
“At least they caught him before something bad happened. In a situation like that it seems almost certain something bad would have happened.”
“He probably went down and stole her food while she slept, just like a cockroach.”
“That’s both ridiculous and bone-chilling at the same time.”
“Why would that guy even go to the trouble?”

The man’s motives are somewhat mysterious. Japan is known to not have a stellar track-record with homelessness compared to other developed countries, but the private sectors has surprisingly pitched in, in the form of internet cafes which often act as de facto homeless shelters, especially for young people.

▼ Many charge pocket-change-level rates
and even come with free refreshments

In order to successfully squat in a home while someone else lived there too, he must have spent quite some time searching, planning, and casing places to know that the woman never went up to the second floor.

Without knowing what his intentions are, the charges remain at trespassing for the time being. But as one comment suggested, he might be just keeping quiet to prolong the three hot meals and a cot provided by his new jail cell home, so we shouldn’t expect any answers soon.

At the very least, this incident might remind us of the benefits pets can bring to elderly people living alone, not only to help keep them company, but to help stop creepy guys from infesting their homes.

Source: Sankei News West, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert images: SoraNews24