Japan can be a surprising place sometimes. You can be just minding your own business when – Bam! – an American rock star pops out of nowhere. First we had Steven Tyler roaming the streets and discount shops of Osaka by himself taking pictures with delighted fans, and now, in a somewhat more disturbing appearance, Bon Jovi lead guitarist Riche Sambora suddenly appeared on Shop Channel!

Yes, following in the footsteps of fellow rock legends Joan Rivers and Liza Minnelli, Riche was out there selling his line of blouses to the women of Japan.

In the video we see Richie standing with his partner Nikki Lund, a translator, and the host of Shop Channel. He explains to a caller how he and Nikki came to design clothing together.

Honestly, I never knew the co-writer of Bad Medicine had such a flair for fabrics like he demonstrated in this clip. Apparently neither did a lot of people, as both English-speaking and Japanese fans alike expressed their bewilderment online in occasionally confusing comments.

“Christ, Richie, what the hell are you doing!?”

“Why Japan? Why Shop Channel?”

“He looks like Marty Friedman.”
[Marty Friedman is a former Megadeath guitarist and current Japanese TV personality]

”Did you leave Bon Jovi for this? Really, Richie?”

This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, however, as the announcement was made back in July that Sambora and Lund’s fashion line Nikki Rich Clothing was partnering with the Japanese shopping channel. Richie himself had this to say about the network.

“I have traveled the globe many times over and have great respect for all that ShopChannel has accomplished. Well respected for what they do, they have an unyielding, global position as pioneers in household shopping.”

However, this video has surfaced just as rumors were swirling around Sambora’s status with Bon Jovi, some claiming he was in fact fired from the band.

Meanwhile, Japan braces itself for the next generation-spanning rock idol to materialize. I’m going to call it and say: Geddy Lee at a Yomiuri Giants game with the candlestick.

Source: YouTube – jonrichie2008 via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
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