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This fall, Takara Tomy Arts is releasing a new line of funny figurines inspired by one of the world’s most well-known statues, “The Thinker.” Only in this case, the chiseled man appears much too preoccupied to be thinking much of anything, turning this thinker into The Thoughtless.

The Thoughtless (Kangaenai Hito) will be available in six different poses from Takara Tomy’s capsule machines starting this November. Poses include thoughtlessly vaulting over his pedestal, sleeping with his head on the floor, posing like some strange mix between Captain Morgan and Hard Gay, and somehow getting his head stuck in a rock.

Artistically, these pieces challenge modern ideas about work ethics and prior planning and inspire society to act spontaneously, for acts of ingenuity are those which will be permanently set in plastic and affect the future of our world. At least, that’s the interpretation I’m going with. I try not to think about it too hard.

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The Thoughtless is part of a line of toy models by the brand Panda’s Hole (Panda no Ana), which has a few more interesting items in the works. The next to be released is Fried Shark (Same Furai), with its six varieties of what appear to be tiny shark tempura, available later this month. In October, Panda’s Hole has plans to release a string of strangely sleeping animals called Zoo Zoo Zoo, a play on the sound effect for gently snoring, suusuu. And finally, in December of this year, we can anticipate a string of cheerleaders flashing their panties in a line of figurines called From Atop a Desk, Cheerleader! (Tsukueno Uekara, Chirariidaa!). Props to anyone who can spot the pun in that last one.

All of these future pieces, including The Thoughtless, will be on sale for 200 yen (US$2.03) per randomized piece.

Source: Net Lab (Japanese)
Inset images: Takara Tomy Arts

▼ Keep scrolling for previews of the other new items by Panda’s Hole.

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▼ Shark Fry available later this month!

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▼ On the left, Zoo Zoo Zoo, and on the right, From atop a Desk, Cheerleader!

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