Takara Tomy harnesses the power of the electric Pokémon to spark young imaginations.

When you’re a diehard Pokémon fan, it’s not always enough to just watch your favourite pocket monsters bounce around in anime episodes or see them pop up on your phone in augmented reality. You need to be able to hug them, ride on them, and sometimes even sleep inside them, to really make that bond a real-life reality.

This desire to physically interact with Pokémon is something Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy knows how to deal with, as they’ve been creating a whole slew of unique products over the years to connect Pokémon with their fans. Now, they’re bringing their expertise to the table once again, as they’ve just announced the release of a Pikachu toy that lets you feel the vibrations of Pikachu’s electric power!

Called the Dengeki Chui! Biri Biri Pikachu, which translates to “Electric Shock Warning! Electric shock Pikachu”, this new product may look sweet and charming, but beware that electric tail–touch it and it’ll react, as these children in the promo video below reveal.

▼ Pikachu’s cheeks even light up when the tail is touched!

According to Takara Tomy, this new toy is suitable for all ages, because although it looks like it releases an electric charge, the toy actually vibrates to simulate an electric current. So rather than being truly zapped, which would possibly turn small children off Pikachu forever, their imaginations can fill in the blanks when they feel the vibrations.

In order to make the experience even more exciting, the toy comes with detailed instructions outlining 10 levels for users to clear while playing the game:

1. Single Hand (one hand)

2. Double Hand (two hands)

3. How Many Pokémon Can You Name (name as many Pokémon as you can before you finish)

4. Wobbly Challenge (another person holds the toy at the same time)

5. Another Hand (using your non-dominant hand)

6. Time Attack (in how many seconds can you finish?)

7. Pair Challenge (hold the stick together with a partner)

8. Single Eye (close one eye)

9. Relay Challenge (hand the tool over to another person halfway through)

10. Close Eye

Those who complete this final level earn the title of “Electric Shock King“!

Despite the gender bias being towards boys in the instructional leaflet, this is a toy that kids of all ages-including kids at heart–will enjoy playing. Priced at 3,850 yen (US$35.43), the new Pikachu will be available at Takara Tomy stockists around Japan and online from 24 April.

Source, images: Takara Tomy Press Release
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