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Do you love nice, cold beer? If, like us, you’re not averse to enjoying a frosty glass of beer now and then (if not more often), then this gadget may be something you’d want to check out. Takara Tomy A.R.T.S, a subsidiary of major Japanese toy and children’s products manufacturer Takara Tomy, proudly presents the super-cool “Premium Beer Server GOKUREI“. While a beer server may not exactly seem like a conventional product to come out of a toy company, the GOKUREI (literally meaning “extreme cool”) will ensure that you can have the perfect glass of beer at anytime, wherever you are!

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So, what does this machine do? Well, for starters, it will cool your 350ml (20 oz) can of beer to a nice, thirst-quenching temperature in just four minutes. You place the can into the machine with a straw inserted that is connected to the device. Then you add water and ice into the “cooling space” of the machine and set the switch to “cool”. The blade inside will turn at high-speed and mix the water and ice to cool the can in virtually no time at all!

To cool a regular sized 350ml can, all you have to do is keep the machine on “cool” for four minutes, then turn it off and wait an additional minute, and you’ll be able to enjoy beer at a refreshing 4-6ºC (39-42ºF). You can also cool a 500ml (17oz) can by continuing the cooling and waiting process a little while longer. Or, if you’re feeling really hot and in need of icy cold refreshment, then you can chill your beer to below freezing by adding some salt to the water in the machine.

And what may be the best part about the GOKUREI is that you can adjust the amount of beer and froth you get in your glass precisely to your liking. Once you’ve finished cooling your beer, you turn the switch to “serve” and you can pour your cold drink. Pull the lever forward, you get regular beer, and push the lever back, you get froth. The froth is created by a high-speed internal revolving whipping blade, so it’s smooth and creamy, and you can get exactly as much of it as you like. And to make sure you can enjoy perfectly prepared cold beer where ever you are, the GOKUREI is battery operated and weighs just 695g (1.5 lb) for easy portability.

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According to Takara Tomy A.R.T.S’ press release, the company has been releasing beer-related products each year just before the summer since 2011, and the line of items have come to be known as the “beer hour series”. The popular series has recorded total sales of over 600,000 so far, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they continue coming out with more in the years to come. There should be plenty of people interested in products focused on providing tasty ways to enjoy beer, after all.


The GOKUREI will be on sale starting May 22, at a price of 7,800 yen (US$76.55). For beer lovers, it could make the perfect summer gift, since few things can be as blissful as an ice-cold glass of beer on a warm day, at least in our opinion. Maybe this machine will help make the hot and humid summer in Japan just a little bit more bearable, in which case we’re immensely grateful to the folks at Takara Tomy A.R.T.S!

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Photos: Takara Tomy A.R.T.S press release