The West Japan Railway Company, also known as JR West, is celebrating 10 years since the launch of its ICOCA smartcard passes. And they’re doing it in style!

Introducing the JR West and Pokémon Center Osaka limited-edition collaboration railway card! Now you can ride all over Western Japan with your Pikachu train pass, which comes complete with a pop-up stand of the cute critter’s head, for just 2,000 yen (US$20)!

That’s right! JR West will be printing 30,000 limited-edition IC passes sporting the iconic electric-type pokémon on the front. These train passes not only eliminate the need for paper tickets anywhere that uses JR West train lines, but hold great collector value with pokémaniacs throughout Japan!

Because of the predicted popularity of the cards, 10,000 of them are being sold to special online lottery winners, with preorder applications having openined up on September 13 on the official website. If you’re a resident of Japan and wish to apply, just fill in your name and home address (or J-WEST online member’s code, if you happen to have one) along with the number of IC passes you wish to purchase. Winners will be notified in late October via postcard of their eligibility to buy their Pikachu pass. Unfortunately, this preorder lottery doesn’t get you the cards for free; you still have to pay the 2,000 yen start-up fee, but this includes a 500-yen (US$5) deposit if you return your card and 1,500 yen (US$15) to use to on your Pokémon adventure!

Those who don’t manage to win in the lottery will have to try their luck in person at Pokémon Center Osaka store on November 1, the day the cards go on sale. Good luck!


Source: Hachima Kikou
Inset images: JR Odekake