A train journey in Japan is much more than a means to a destination; with spotless carriages and unique tie-in promotions, riding the Shink is an event in itself. And with the Evangelion Shinkansen bullet train scheduled to start running from November 3, things are set to get even more exciting as passengers can now ride the rails from Osaka to Fukuoka and back inside a train dressed up as a giant bio-machine.

To mark the special occasion, Japan Rail West is releasing a whole range of commemorative Eva bullet train goods for travellers in the country, including stationery, snacks, and an awesome ekiben bento that comes in a keepsake ceramic shinkansen-shaped container.

The Eva bento are limited to only 50 sales per day from 7 November at Awajiya bento stores at Shin-Kobe and Nishi-Akashi Stations. On sale for 1,500 yen (US$12.50) each, the exact contents of the meal set inside the exclusive container are yet to be confirmed, however, JR West can reveal that the lunch boxes will contain salmon and salmon roe, to reflect the parent-child relationship at the centre of the Evangelion storyline.

Once you’ve polished off your bento, you might want to stock up on some of the other exclusive items available for sale at main stations on the Sanyō Shinkansen line from 4 November.

▼ Clockwise, from top left: folding ruler (300 yen), train pass holders (850 yen) and a clear file set (500 yen).


▼ Metal keyholder (600 yen), ballpoint pens (550 yen), and a cellphone strap (600 yen).


▼ Slide mirror (550 yen), train pass holder (500 yen), glasses case with cleaning cloth (1,100 yen), metal badges (500 yen).


▼ Blue masking tap (400 yen), purple masking tape (400 yen), keyrings (1,400 yen), glass tumbler (650 yen).


▼ Reversible carry pouch (950 yen), A6 notebook (250 yen), adhesive label set (400 yen), smartphone stand (1,100 yen), carabiner (750 yen).


And if you’d like to snack on Eva goods while onboard the Eva train, there are seven different varieties to choose from.

▼ Clockwise, from top left: Cookies, lemon ramune-flavoured lollies, caramels, and potato snacks, in marinated roe, soy, lemon and takoyaki octopus-ball flavours.




In addition, there’s a special key holder and train pass case that’s only available at Hiroshima (left) and a key holder and hard-cover notebook only available at Fukuoka (right).


That’s certainly a trainload of goods to keep any Evangelion fan happy!

Source: Travel Watch
Top Image: JR West Japan
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