JR West

JR West comes up with brilliant plan to save turtles and prevent train delays, touches netizens

Good for the humans, and good for the turtles, too!

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Japan’s “new normal” train manners poster: 7 steps for safe travel during the pandemic

Beloved character Doraemon fronts new manners campaign for trains in and around the Kyoto region.

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Shinkansen safety staff made to sit right next to bullet trains running at 300km/h

Is fear the best teacher?

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Human body parts found in crack on bonnet of Shinkansen bullet train

About 200 passengers were on board when the discovery was made.

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JR West unveils new Japanese long distance train with special features for passengers

This is an extra special rail experience, even by Japanese standards.

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Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train to debut in Japan this summer

The world-famous Sanrio character wants to welcome you onboard her very own high-speed train.

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Japan Railways opening reservations for ridiculously luxurious Kyoto-west Japan sleeper train

Train include bathtubs, skylights, and separate restaurant and bar.

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See a whole other side of Kyoto in this beautiful, quintessentially Japanese train, coming soon

With all the sights, sounds, and history Kyoto City has to offer, from the Golden Pavilion to the thousands of torii shrine gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine, most people forget that there is much more to Kyoto outside of the bustling capital city. Kyoto Prefecture actually reaches farther north, with its northernmost cities bordering the ocean on the Sea of Japan side, earning the area the nickname “Umi no Kyoto“, literally meaning “Kyoto of the Sea”.

For travelers looking to explore more than the usual tourist spots, there are trains departing from Kyoto Station which will take you for a scenic ride through the northern part of the prefecture to view other famous sites such as the beautiful Amanohashidate land bridge in Miyazu City. And now, Japan Railway (JR) has teamed up with a well-known designer to make the travel experience much more unique in this old-style Umi no Kyoto-themed train, set for departure soon!

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Attack on Titan reveals its newest collaboration: public toilets on the Osaka loop train line

In the lead-up to the release of the first Attack on Titan live-action movie, we were inundated with all sorts of fantastic collaborations. There was the tie-up with an epilation salon in Shinjuku, a campaign against illicit substances with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and even “Advancing hot dogs” at Aeon cinemas.

Since the film’s release, the giants have been quiet for a while but it seems they’ve just been gathering steam for their next amazing project: destroying public restrooms at stations on the Osaka train line.

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Japan’s newest hot spring springs forth…from the center of Kobe!

In movies, there’s never anything good hidden in the earth under a structure. It’s all Native American burial grounds, Egyptian mummies, and other assorted other corpses of non-specific ethnicities.

In real life, though, there are all sorts of desirable things waiting beneath the surface, such as oil and gold. An excavation crew in Kobe was looking for something just as good as those two valuable commodities, though: a hot spring, and they found one right in the heart of the city.

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Studio Ghibli animators’ West Japan Railway ad has us ready for summer! 【Video】

The hot summer months of July and August are almost upon us, and for families with young children, you know what that means…SUMMER VACATION! That’s right, like in many other parts of the world, families in Japan will be thinking about how and where to spend their summer holidays, including plans for travel. It seems quite fitting, then, that West Japan Railway Company, or JR West Japan as it’s commonly called, has recently announced the launch of the “JR West Japan SUMMER TRAIN!” campaign to showcase the appeal of traveling in western Japan by rail.

And it so happens that there’s something unique about this campaign that makes it hugely appealing to anime fans in particular — the commercial for the campaign features animation created by members of the Studio Ghibli team, and their beautiful artwork is immediately recognizable.

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Gotta ride ’em all! JR West and Pokémon team up for the release of a new ICOCA train pass

The West Japan Railway Company, also known as JR West, is celebrating 10 years since the launch of its ICOCA smartcard passes. And they’re doing it in style!

Introducing the JR West and Pokémon Center Osaka limited-edition collaboration railway card! Now you can ride all over Western Japan with your Pikachu train pass, which comes complete with a pop-up stand of the cute critter’s head, for just 2,000 yen (US$20)!

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