Convenience stores have gotten a bit of a bad name recently thanks to impetuous freezer divers the world over. But this might be the final…straw.

The above picture (sans pixelization) is blowing up on Twitter, having been retweeted over 4,000 times. But what’s wrong with a little chocolate milk tea??

▼ My kingdom for a straw!


Twitter user Karin@Kobato tweeted the above photo accompanied with the simple message “I cannot forgive that clerk.❤”

Karin’s predicament must have struck a chord with Japanese netizens, considering the large number of retweets. And, let’s be honest, this sort of thing has happened to all of us. You go to buy some lunch at the convenience store, settle down with your microwaved pasta and cup of yogurt, and open the bag to find a straw and a knife. Nothing more depressing at the Forever Alone table than slurping your pasta through a straw and eating your yogurt with a knife. In fact, this has happened to me so often that I keep a stock of extra utensils in my desk drawer at work.

Japanese Internet users had a lot to say about Karin’s photo.

Maybe the clerk was trying to issue you a challenge!

Yeah, it’s as if he’s saying, “Devise your own way of eating!” Which means that there must be some way of eating tea with chopsticks.

Put it in the freezer and then eat it!

Dip the chopsticks in the tea and then slurp it off. The class erotica queen has decided!

A tear-jerking news bulletin, this is.

Oh, that was probably me. Sorry!

We kind of doubt he’s actually sorry… That said, what’s wrong with just drinking it straight from the carton??

Sources: Twitter, Nikita Sokuho
Images: Twitter