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There are plenty of well-known celebrities in America who have found themselves starring in a commercial or two in Japan. The latest famous person to hawk Japanese products is Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, who stars in a commercial for popular P&G laundry detergent, Bold. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous in the commercial, Miranda actually speaks a bit of Japanese, telling consumers about the new pink detergent.

Miranda Kerr replaces Cameron Yamada, the previous Bold spokesperson. Take a look at one of Cameron’s commercials for a detergent that will make your towels fluffy like a marshmallow:

Just in case viewers were confused by the switch, Miranda is introduced as “New Yamada-san” at the beginning of her Bold commercial.

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As she steps out of her car, a mountain of Bold detergent is seen cascading into the driver’s seat. A surprised Miranda looks back and smiles.

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From there, New Yamada-san’s nosey neighbors come over to check out what’s going on. The following dialogue commences:

Neighbor A: What have you been up to?
Miranda: I went shopping.
Neighbor B: You bought too much!
Miranda: *shrug and a wink*
Neighbor A: Ah, Bold!
Miranda: It’s so cute and pink!
Neighbor A: Pink?! Anyway you look at it, it’s blue!
Miranda: The liquid is pink!
Neighbor A & B: It’s pink!
Miranda: It’s pink!

Uh, what? The conversation seems a little better once you watch the commercial…but not much better:

According to Fashion Headline, the video shoot took place in Los Angeles, California, but the finished product will never be seen on any TV in the US. Thank goodness for the internet.

Miranda also stars in a second Bold commercial:

So for the fellas who get no pleasure out of doing laundry, just think of Miranda speaking her perky, high-pitched Japanese and sniffing freshly cleaned towels.

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Source: Fashion Headline
Images: YouTube