New limited-edition mugs, bowls, Poké Balls and…the arrival of Chansey to get us in the spirit for a “Lucky” Christmas this year.

We’ve been particularly spoilt with fantastic Pokémon food collaborations this year, with everything from Pikachu butt macarons to electric popsicles and Poké Ball beef bowls to treat our eyes and bellies.

Now, Mister Donut has revealed a brand new lineup of Pokémon doughnuts — following on from the success of their collections in 2018 and 2019 — and this time crowd favourite Pikachu will be joined by another Pocket Monster for the first time ever.

▼ This Pikachu doughnut has been the star of previous collaborations, and it’ll be returning for a third year due to popular demand.

This year’s Pokémon range, dubbed “MisDo’s Lucky Christmachu Collection“, will be the chain’s biggest yet, with a total of four themed doughnuts, three new Christmas-themed Pon de Ring varieties and a series of mugs and bowls adorned in cute pocket monsters.

The limited-edition Pon de Ring doughnuts are re-named “Pon de Wreath” for the holidays, and come in the following three flavours, priced at 162 yen (US$1.55) each for takeout and 165 yen eat-in (tax differs for eat-in and takeout in Japan).

▼ Strawberry

▼ Chocolate

▼ Pudding

The Pokémon doughnuts include:

Pikachu (259 yen eat-in / 264 yen takeout), which contains a whipped custard filling, a pudding-flavored chocolate coating, and chocolate facial embellishments.

A beautifully spherical Poké Ball (216 yen / 220 yen) which contains a whipped cream centre and a strawberry-flavoured glaze. This Poké Ball doughnut is a new and improved upgrade from last year’s flat Pon de Ring version.

Another never-before-seen item is the Ultra Ball (216 yen / 220 yen), which comes with a custard whipped cream filling, yellow icing and a milk chocolate coating.

Last but definitely not least is one more never-before-seen doughnut, and this one comes in the shape of Chansey. This egg-carrying Pokémon goes by the name “Lucky” in Japan, which is why the limited-edition doughnut range is called “MisDo’s Lucky Christmachu Collection“.

Doughnut Chansey (259 yen / 264 yen) comes covered in delicious strawberry chocolate, with chocolate ears and a ball of Pon de Ring dough sitting on its belly, half-covered with pink glaze to represent the egg in its pouch.

Chansey shares the spotlight with Pikachu on two exclusive bowls…

▼ …And two mugs.

The Pokémon goods above can only be purchased as part of a set, which comes with a specially branded box and paper bag.

Doughnut Set A: One pocket monster doughnut, plus three Pon de Wreath of your choosing and one Pokémon item of your choosing for 1,300 yen (1,314 yen eat-in)

Doughnut Set B: One Poké Ball or Ultra Ball doughnut, plus three Pon de Wreath of your choosing and one of the Pokémon goods for 1,250 yen (1,263 yen eat-in)

Drink Set: One pocket monster doughnut, plus one tapioca drink and one of the Pokémon goods for 1,400 yen (1,415 yen eat-in)

All the items in MisDo’s Lucky Christmachu Collection go on sale at Mister Donut stores around Japan from 13 November. They’ll only be available for a limited time until late December, or until stocks last, so be sure to get in quick so you can eat ’em all before new Pokémon appear for the chain’s New Year lucky bag collection.

Source, images: PR Times
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