Quiz 6

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Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to round 6 of our weekly multiple choice quiz! We hope you’ve all had a great week and enjoyed the news we’ve had to offer, and of course that you’ve been paying close attention, because as you should probably know by now, this quiz is by no means a walk in the park–it takes years of repeated head trauma to get into this kind of mindset.

So step inside and let’s see how much of newshound you are!

As always, highlight the space between the square brackets [ There’s someone standing behind you. Just kidding] after the word “Answer:” or click the “Read more” link to check your answers.

So, if you’re sufficiently limbered, greased and warmed up then let’s get started!

  • Question 1.

What surprising and, if we’re being brutally honest, kind of unpopular statement did Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki make this week at event celebrating a fellow artist’s work?

A: “Kids should stop playing those damn video games. And who the hell is Justice Beaver!?”
B: “The idea that kids go out on adventures and then return home all grown up is a lie.”
C: “Attack on Titan really isn’t anything special. People have some pretty low standards these days.”
D: “I’ve smoked for decades and I’m fine. People worry too much about their health.”

Answer: [ B ] Read more

  • Question 2. 

What is it about these two young Chinese models taking that’s so unusual?


A: I know a trap when I see one: those are dudes, not girls!
B: They’re both fatally allergic to peanuts
C: They’re both inmates in a prison
D: They actually computer generated

Answer: [  C  ] Read more

  • Question 3.

What recent event has inspired the creation of a brand new manga series?

A: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe admitting that he is actually a machine being operated by a team of hamsters
B: The discovery of a species of mice that have distinct hairstyles and fashionable walks
C: Our very own reporter Mr. Sato’s face-off with a cheeseburger packed with 1,000 slices of cheese
D: A lesbian wedding at Tokyo Disneyland

Answer: [  D  ] Read more

  • Question 4.

A Japanese man living in Berlin was attacked by a stranger in September last year while waiting for a train. How did he then respond?

A: He put up posters asking the man to meet again for a fair fight
B: He made posters asking his assailant to work with him
C: He learned kickboxing and now carries a gun
D: He sculpted a bust of his attacker to show to the police

Answer: [  B  ] Read more

  • Question 5.

Why did this retired teacher in China make it into the news this week?


A: She claims to be having a relationship with a ghost (allegedly pictured)
B: The cardigan she’s wearing is made of her own hair
C: She says that she can communicate with plants
D: The above photo helped her locate her sister, from whom she was separated at birth

Answer: [  B   ] Read more

  • Question 6. 

A 28-year-old Tokyo man was arrested this month for doing what?

A: Repeatedly grilling steak in a field next to live cattle
B: Writing software that turns internet users’ webcams on without their knowledge
C: Claiming to be the inventor of the comma and attempting to sue newspapers for using it
D: Stealing girls’ shoes

Answer: [ D ] Read more

  • Question 7. 

Which of the following isn’t a behaviour listed on our round-up of weird and funny behaviours exhibited by Japanese people?

quiz pic

A: Polite sharking
B: A fondness for gargling
C: Phantom nodding
D: Social snorkelling

Answer: [  D  ] Read more

  • Question 8. 

What colour clothing does Nintendo’s mascot character Super Mario famously wear?

A: A red cap, red overalls and a blue undershirt
B: A blue cap, red overalls and a blue undershirt
C: A red cap, blue overalls and a red undershirt
D: A blue cap, blue overalls and a red undershirt

Answer: [ A or C ] Read more

  • Question 9. 

What is it about this man’s selfies that makes them especially awkward to behold?


A: He’s taking them in public
B: It’s a wig on his hand, not a real girl
C: He painted the hand touching his cheek (which is his own) to look like a girl’s
D: All of the above

Answer: [  D   ] Read more

  • Question 10.

If I had a hammer, I’d:

A: Hammer in the mornin’
B: Hammer in the evenin’
C: Hammer out a warnin’
D: Ham sandwich

Answer: [ D You delicious idiot .]

Judgement hour

0 correct: You’re the reason I drink. I hope you know that.
1-3 correct: Please put your head between your knees and hum loudly. An attendant will be with your shortly.
4-6 correct: You may have eaten one too many crayons as a kid, but you’re alright.
7-9 correct: Have you done something different with your hair? You look positively smashing today.
10 correct: God you’re beautiful. Penguins trained in the art of foot rubs and chocolate-to-mouth delivery have been dispatched!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Featured image: Eileen Kennedy-Moore edited by RocketNews24