Who can aid you in doing “laundry with no regrets” better than Captain Levi?

Attack on Titan fans have surely been antsy waiting for the next episode of the series, (which won’t air until spring), but its creators are making an effort keep the series fresh in everyone’s minds.

Japanese laundry detergent brand Kao teamed up with Attack on Titan to produce a limited-edition product called Kao Attack on Titan Laundry Detergent feat. Captain Levi. Released on December 10 on Amazon and at Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstores throughout Japan, the package features Captain Levi, one of the main protagonists, who’s notorious for being an orderly neat-freak.

▼ The detergent has been advertised with the slogan, “Laundry with no regrets.”

The process of creating this collaboration was a long one, but a very interactive one. Starting in July 2018, Kao asked fans on Twitter (@kao_attackjp) to vote for the packaging design, slogan, and the design of a wooden bucket that will be made available at a later date (to be announced). The Attack on Titan detergent and bucket is, in a sense, made by the fans!

▼ Spoiler: Design A won.

Unfortunately for people dying to get their hands on a bottle of the Captain Levi detergent, the Amazon stock sold out on the day of its release. As for the Matsumoto Kiyoshi stock, only 40,000 bottles are available, so fans have been rushing around to grab them.

▼ Here’s what it feels like to have a bunch of Captain Levis painstakingly measure laundry detergent.

On the big day, netizens commented on the limited edition detergent with zeal, and they gave us some tips for the best way to get your hands on one.

“I couldn’t get to Matsumoto Kiyoshi in time…I couldn’t wake up.”
“I’ll stop by Matsumoto Kiyoshi on my way home. Even though it sold out on Amazon on the first day, I want to believe it’ll still be there in the evening.”
“There weren’t any at the Matsumoto Kiyoshi next to the station…They either sold out, or they never had them. This is the boonies, after all.”
“Today is the day that the detergent goes on sale, so I called a Matsumoto Kiyoshi far away from me. They told me that they still have some, but they’re running out fast. I didn’t want to go there and risk them running out, so I asked if they could put one aside for me and they said okay! I’m lucky I found such a nice store clerk. I’ll head over there after my doctor’s appointment!”

There’s a small chance that some bottles are still available, so get there quick (or find someone that can)! If not, you can always hold out for the wooden bucket.

Sources: Esuteru, Kao Attack on Titan Official Site
Images: Kao Attack on Titan Official Site